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contains insertion vore swallowing fighting
Day’s have passed since Lindsey has seen any light or had any food nearing the end, ready to pass out from starvation and lack of water then a glimpse of light shined over her as some food was dropped into her lap but that wasn’t all, just as Lindsey had finished eating a cup of water filled her living space before the lid was closed again. her mother was outside sitting at the table playing with her ass looking at nude muscular men eating a sandwich drooling in happiness her finger dripping in pre cum spreading on to her hairs,

Lindsey was struggling to keep her head up moving violently gagging and coughing shaking the table causing the toy to fall and roll on the floor hitting her mother's feet Gillian picked it up heard the screaming then shook the flesh light back and forth “It was about time I gave you a bath I really don’t want something dirty touching me plus it really shuts up your screaming anyway I’m going to finish my food and then I will deal with you" her mother stopped stood her toy on the table, finished her meal then removed the lid her daughter was shaking, still coughing from all the water she swallowed,

“OK dear its time for round 2 but this time you not going into my cock cause I have a better place for you one that will be a tight fit but will make me love you a little more and since your all nice and clean I can use you now so come here and lets get this going before I get ancy” picking up Lindsey, she turned around to show her ass and the wide gaping hole she was playing with and the smell was awful and little brown pieces were still clinging to the walls. “In you go and don’t fight or I will swallow you instead and shit you out that way” Lindsey used her arms and climbed in her mother flipped on her back and threw her ass in the air causing her daughter to fall further in.

Next she grabbed her long cock and pushed it in to make sure there would be no escape but once it closed her cock was stuck, she tried to loosen it but the feeling made her cock grow even bigger Gillian could see Lindsay pushing her walls and it started within a just a few minutes a huge load of cum was shot into her ass filling it like a pool trapping her daughter inside her mother popped on her underwear then her pants insuring everything was kept in place with her cock held still tightly by her ass sitting back at the table her hand on her chest feeling movement of Lindsey sloshing around her ass until Gillian shit emerges ready to depart, but for now it’s a day of pleasure,

A first time for her mother and horror nightmare for her daughter next chapter tomorrow.
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