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this once canting belly movement and vore
Gillian was asleep as her cock loosened shrinking Eventually sliding out on to the mattress Lindsey saw a chance to run and soon because her mothers ass was closing fast She stood up and jumped out of the pool of cum and started running for the exit but only managed to stick her head out before it closed at least it was fresh air it was going to be a long night unable to move her arms or body she just laid there annoyed then something started poking her body from the inside it was heavy and closing around her “oh hell no” Lindsey knew what it was and threw up she was being engulfed by her mother’s shit

Gillian reached over to scratch her ass when she felt something on the outside Pinching it with her fingers she pulled it out still half asleep her eyes weren’t even open Her mother brought Lindsey over to her face sniffed her then placed her daughter into her mouth “MOM! MOM! MOM! Its me please don’t stick me in your mouth MOM! MOM!” But it was no use her mother was incoherent and closed her lips sucking away Sloshing her daughter from side of her mouth to the other Lindsey didn’t know if she was going to be swallowed or killed But knowing Gillian just licked shit off of her was weird and sickening ,

Soaked in spit it was hours of freakish torture worse than her ass because one slip could send her to certain death but morning came and Gillian awoke got up and headed to the bathroom She lifted the lid and plopped letting out a huge fart with a sigh As Lindsey tried to stand up her mother felt something strange inside of her mouth Lindsey watched as the mouth opened wide as fingers again approached her She backed up further and further but lost her balance and fell into the back of her throat causing her mother to gag and then swallow sending Jillian traveling straight through to her stomach

“I guess it was nothing hmm” Gillian said as she wiped her ass stood up and flushed leaving to get dressed Her daughter finally entered the stomach “FOR GOD’s sake WHY DID MOM DO THIS TO ME LET ME OUT LET ME OUT! LET ME OUT! Lindsey stomped screamed and then took to hitting the walls of her mother’s stomach All the bulges from her fists were covered up by the cloths Gillian had put on She went down to the kitchen to grab something to drink “I know I’m forgetting something but what could it…..” “Shit my daughter shit! Shit! Shit! I think I just flushed her but then Lindsey hit so hard it caused her mother’s stomach to ache

Gillian lifted her shirt to see what was going on and saw the lumps. “Could it be she held her hand there and to her amazement she felt a fist Oh I’m so glad you alive and not flushed down with all the shit?
But now how am I going to get you out I have to say it fells nice with you hitting me from the inside I mean I could just let you pass through me what do you say 3 punches for no 1 punch for yes” Lindsey daughter punch 3 times “we’ll I can see your not having fun like me so I will see what I can do but right now I’m going out for breakfast so try not upset me to much ok honey.
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