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What is the old age problem and its solution?
The old age problem
Payel Dasgupta

Mrs. Paul is a widow. She belonged to middle class. Her husband was a clerk of a private organization. So, she does not get any family pension. She has two well-established sons. But, they think her as a burden. Mrs. Paul feels heartfelt pain. She cries alone and waiting for her death.
Mrs. Das is also a widow. Once, she was a kindergarten school teacher. But, after retirement, she searched whole heartedly for a job, even without remuneration. No one believed that this old lady is the fittest person for a job. She never gets a time-passing idea. Now she becomes frustrate. She is also waiting for her death like MRS. Paul though they belong to completely different condition.
Mr. Obeyroy is a sixty years old person. He was a good footballer in his young days but now he is getting old. He was sitting in his balcony, lonely and seeing the football play of children. He went to his and kick his own football gently but it caused an injury. He feels frustration.
Here, three persons lives in different conditions. But, there are some common factors.They are old and frustrated. Why? Answer is very simple. They think that they lose their society due to their old age. So, they are frustrated. This frustration is cause of their off-mood. It will slowly but steadily make them psychic patient. How do they get rid of this pathetic situation? Government can not everything for a poor country like us. So, NGOs are also welcome.
Firstly, they should get a small monthly remuneration with a less laborious job which is suited for them. Economic Independence will give them a sigh of relief. A job, even free of cost, will give them confidence that they are not a burden on our society..

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