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by Norman
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Some of those Muppets sure look strange

Miss Piggy is in love with him;
she makes it very clear.
And Kermit seems to feel it, too,
despite his look of fear.

These two became a couple now.
They live as frog and wife.
I’ll bet there are some tales to tell
about their married life.

You must have wondered what you’d get
by breeding pig with frog.
Surely you would end up with
the strangest looking hog.

And would that babe have feet with webs?
And would his skin be green?
He might just be the biggest frog
that you have ever seen.

Or would her skin be pearly pink,
all dressed up with a bow?
And would she have a curly tail?
I guess we’ll never know.

Some of those Muppets sure look odd,
although they are so cute.
But when it comes to lineage
they seem to keep real mute.

So if you wondered what would come
out of this Muppet pair,
you’ve also wondered how they joined.
How could they even dare?

It’s best if we don’t even think
of how that union looks.
But it must be, beyond a doubt,
one for the history books.

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