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These are some poems I wrote in High school tell me what you think?

Power is but man
Good and evil paths traveled
Legends are forged

Set Sun

Tombstone sits atop
The hourglass last drop midnight
The sun sets on all

Love Eternal

I have but one true desire
I will be strong her great defender
That I may one day be her fire
I will protect her happy ever after
I want her to now she do’s not have to cower
In all her faults and grand disasters
Can she not see the beauty in her laughter?
For I will give to her all my power

Bet when I’m week and near the dreaded hour
I will show know fear and stand with honor
My heart will beat in time with yours
Small hearts will envy what is ours
They strive for love that last forever more

A Bar Keeps Trust

I have no clue as to where they went
The men who came spook no ill intent
That I gave
Them beers
And which
You were probably
For me and you
Forgive me
For one blunder
So come with me now
And so we can hide from the knifes they hold which is two

Rose Thorns

You do not cringe
You do not cower
You do not hide when it comes to my power

I say you’re wrong
You only add to my fire
You cannot fathom my darkest desire

But sill you stand
Hopeful in these shrinking hours
Still you try to remove my thorns
But still I can’t
Quite under stand
What a beauty like you

Can see in a beast that was once a man.


His name is darkness
Of unfathomable limits

Making deals and braking lives
Tess all that satisfy

His name what came with his mortal skin?
Tess his title that grants his immortal sins

His title not born of power alone
Tethered to the darkest of daggers

If you wish to control the darkest of power
First you must uptain the dark one’s dagger

But do not dare tack his great power
Leas you be shackled for all your hours.

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