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The Demise of our Sovereignty
The American Eagle has Died

He was tattered and worn as he landed
His once majestic plumes hung as segregated tufts
His crest was nothing but a leathered puff of fringe
Once an aerialist of vision, his eyes were wet and matted
This noble navigator of a nations head now bobbed limply
Within his eyes he shared a glimpse of the travesties he witnessed
His perch upon this mount tells the tale of monstrosities of our realm
This regal symbol of a great nation lays battered before us
At no other time in history has a sovereign emblem been so endangered
The malicious enemy of poison comes from within
We have become a society of one with our own individual agenda
Instead of embracing our unity as a country. as our great bird signified
We tear each other apart at each opportunity
We let prejudice or our fear of prejudice control our actions
We have tarnished this icons image through selfishness
Once a dominion steeped in charity and promotion of the commonwealth
This dying bird represents the multitude of children that lie dying in our streets
This weak warrior displays the hunger of every American child bedded without food
We worry about other countries when the need is here at our door step
The eagle has seen us denigrate our protectors of freedom while burning a flag
He has witnessed with indignation our abuse of our men and women in blue
The ace pilot of the air is no longer allowed to bow his head in honor of God
We have stolen from our youth the ability to hope and work toward a future
Consequences for our actions and responsibility have been wiped away
This American Eagle is no longer allowed to stand proud
The beautiful flier of yesterday now lies before all of us at deaths door
Let us rise together as a nation, to be what we once were and can be again

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