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this is a piece about something currently going on in our country
If I were to tell you that America is involved in a color revolution lead by the Cia, would you believe me? More importantly, would you believe me if I told you that the American people are being set up to have a civil war, would you believe me on that? Most probably not. But the truth is that it IS coming, without a doubt.
If you have listened to the news lately, you have heard the same thing I heard. Which may or may not lead you to the same thought I had about it, so have others I have spoken to about it. I need you to read this very carefully, then think about everything you have heard and all that you have seen lately. We ARE being groomed for something that will happen on election night.
If I had to give you any advice at all it would be this, learn about these two little words. These two words are “color revolution”. In the upcoming days, these two words will be used much more, and their meaning will become clear.
But what is a color revolution? Well, it is a term used to describe several related events that occurred all over the world in the 21st century. It was used in places like “the Peoples republic of china”, the Balkans, and in the former Soviet Union, to mention a few. It was also used in the middle east and the Asia-pacific area during the 1980s, ’90s, even into 2000. It is not a new concept.
The participants of most colour revolutions in the past have used non-violent protests, sometimes called civil resistance, events to make their point for change within their own countries. They are most notable for the important role of NOGO’s, or nongovernmental Organizations and student activists for doing most of the work. Colour revolutions have been described as “externally fueled acts with a clear goal to influence the internal affairs that destabilize the economy, conflict with the law, and represent a new form of warfare.”
In other words, Events happen in a certain country that causes a change in blame from the fault of the event to the responsibility of the government, and it is this shift that causes the government to change its policy about that, or even changed completely because of it. If you are paying attention to the news lately, it is occurring as we speak.
Not surprising to me, the CIA has the color revolution in their playbook. It is my firm belief that the color revolution has come home to America. In reality, it has been happening in America for a little while anyway. Not exactly sure when and where it started here, but do not doubt me, it is here.
So, what are these 7 pillars of a color revolution, you may ask? That is a good question. They are:
i. Need to start with semi-autocratic regime, not fully autocratic – gives them the ability to say, “he’s a fascist”
ii. Unpopular incumbent leader
iii. United and organized opposition
iv. Effective system (control of media) to convince the public voting was falsified, plants the ideas before the election
v. Mainstream media to push falsified vote message. Currently doing battlespace prep
vi. Political organization to flood the streets, protesting election fraud; “thousands to millions in the streets”
vii. Divisions among regime’s military and police – so that they fight each other instead of stopping the attacks in the street.
I know what you are saying right now. You are saying “Great that I now know what these 7 pillars are. But what do they mean to me?” And that is a very valid question I asked my self that very same question when researching this subject after hearing about it on talk radio. The host was truly knowledgeable and is the best in the business. He knows who he is, I won't mention him by name, but he does know it. So, that being asked, let us get into it shall we?
Let us start here with #1, the need to start with a semi-automatic regime, not fully autocratic. So, what are they trying to do here? Well, they are trying to paint President Trump as being partly a dictator, an undemocratic leader, and someone who runs the country with an iron fist, or at least partly. And they will use any means necessary to make him look bad.
Look at the recent events such as the COVID-19 pandemic, where he refused to instate strict national rules for certain protections. Or look at the riots where he did not send in armed troops to quell the unrest, which by the way he cannot legally do, by the constitution, unless he is invited in.
By the constitution, it is the states and city governments that are charged with the protection of their citizens and the states. The federal government is strictly forbidden from interfering in this unless asked for, or rather invited in. I believe it is Article II of the constitution that is states what he can and cannot do.
So, we are off to #2, Are you ready? Which is “an unpopular incumbent leader”. Well, we certainly have that don’t we? Well do not get me wrong, I am a die-hard Trump supporter. However, the Left has been ‘after’ him since day one. And after 4 years in office they still do not have anything to impeach him with, nor will they ever get anything, because there is nothing.
That brings us to #3, which is that there should be united and organized opposition. Well this is the most obvious one, isn’t it? The Left’s use of groups like BLM and Antifa demonstrate this. I did say use because they are using them.
It was said that they, Antifa, to demonstrate by filling the streets day and night until he resigns. I do not think, or even believe that he would do that no matter how many people fill the streets.
Ok. Here comes pillar #4. Use of an effective system to convince the public that the voting was falsified, usually done before the election by use of false ideas. This is pre-emptive action. I do not know how many lawyers the left has, but rest assured they have them, primed and ready to back this idea up no matter where it is needed to be done.
The pillar #5 states that the media to push falsified voting message. The left has enough media on their side to ‘toe the line’ about all assertions made by the people of the left, whether there is a basis for it or not, no matter how far out they may be.
Well, #6 states that a political organization to flood the streets while protesting election fraud. Trust me they are doing this already, by any means necessary. They use groups like Antifa, BLM, unions, even schools and school systems to protest, peacefully. I will pause a second here to say that the definition of peaceful demonstrations I think of and what they think of is completely different. What they think of as ‘peaceful protests’ I call riots.
Then we come to the lonely little #7, the one at the end of the list. Which states that they need to create divisions among the regime’s military and police. This is the basis of the meaning behind the defunding of the police, isn’t it? They use things like George Floyd, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and Breonna Taylor as catalysts to start the civil disobedience activities, or more commonly called Riots.
Where did this idea come from? And how did it get in the CIA’s playbook for destabilizing other countries governments and economies? Well, through my research I have come up with two names: Gene Sharp and Norm Eisen.
Keep in mind that the ideas here did not come out of anywhere, they came from the godfather and the creator, respectively and have been a part of the U.S. Governments playbook, mainly the CIA’s, for a long time.
Let us start with Norm Eisen, shall we? Norm Eisen is known as the man who wrote “the playbook”, the Godfather as it were. I had mentioned that name earlier in this piece and have come across this name several times in the past in my research on this subject.
The terms ‘the playbook’, as found in my research, has always been used about the CIA’s book that they use for nearly every situation they may come into contact with, So does that mean that he is an employee of the CIA? No, not at all. But it does mean that there is most assuredly the shadow of doubt on him, as to whether he is or not. But regardless let us look at what he has done, shall we?
This distinguished gentleman gives me the impression of a certain intelligence, savvy, calmness about him. But do not let that fool you, my friend, his list of accomplishments far outweighs that, to be sure.
What are they? Ok, let us start with him being the man that implemented the ‘David Brock blueprint’ for suing the president into paralysis and anybody who stands with him into bankruptcy. Let us stop there a second or two, shall we? What is the ‘David Brock blueprint’?
David Brock, he is the founder of Media Matters and is a Clinton loyalist, and a liberal operative, who shortly after President Trump was in office met with a small group of investors, or ‘donors’ if you will, in a resort in Aventura, Fla. There he laid out a four-year plan to ruin and dethrone President Trump.
The memorandum he handed out, “Democracy matters: Strategic plan for action”, contained his four-year plan to get rid of Trump from the white house, using non-government groups. As well as other plans for the impeachment of the President, government misinformation, the 2018 midterm elections, filing lawsuits against the Trump administration, monetizing political advocacy, using a digital attacker to delegitimize Trump’s presidency, and damage the republicans, as well as partnering with Facebook to spread fake news.
OK, with that in hand, let us move on to the next point he did, shall we? Eisen also helped the mainstream media and amplified the Russia hoax. We all remember that don’t we?
He drafted the 10 articles of impeachment for the democrats before Trump ever called the Ukraine president. So, this was very preemptive, right? Nothing wrong with being proactive about certain things, but writing something like this before the crime happens? Really?
Now he also served as special counsel for the Ukraine Impeachment of President Trump. Which ultimately failed, or did it? In one way it did fail, but in another, it did not. How can I say that? Thinking about that a second or two, a thought popped into my head from the movie I saw, titled “Devil’s advocate”.
The line is “the trial occurred already, at every breakfast table in America, in the newspaper.” I believe it fits here as well. That put the shadow of a doubt in every American’s mind, right or wrong, did not matter. It caused one thing…doubt. In the minds of a lot of people, President Trump was impeached, but only in their minds.
Finally, he created a template for internet censorship of world leaders as well as a handbook for mobilizing racial justice protestors to overturn the election results. Norm Eisen is the most authoritative man on the plot to take down President Trump on the planet.
Norm Eisen is most assuredly the biggest thorn in the side of this election because he is a key architect in nearly every attempt to take down President Trump. But know this, he will not stop even after President Trump is re-elected.
Now comes Gene Sharp. He is considered the creator of the idea and a very well-educated man. he is intelligent, resourceful, and without a doubt a different kind of man. You see he is credited with the strategy behind the toppling of the Egyptian government. So, what kind of man is Gene Sharp, huh?
Well, he is an Oxford-educated man, as he holds a PhD in political theory from there. He also holds an M.A. and a B.A. from Ohio state, as well as being a Professor Emeritus of political science at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. And for nearly 30 years he held a research appointment at Harvard University’s centre for International affairs.
His credentials show he has the smarts. So it should be no wonder he is the senior strategist at the Albert Einstein Institution. He founded it in 1983, with a mission is “to advance the worldwide study and strategic use of nonviolent action in conflict.”
Some examples of his strategies are listed here:
* Develop a strategy for winning freedom and a vision of the society you want
* Overcome fear by small acts of resistance
* Use colours and symbols to demonstrate a unity of resistance
* Learn from historical examples of the successes of non-violent movements
* Use non-violent “weapons”
* Identify the dictatorship’s pillars of support and develop a strategy for undermining each
* Use oppressive or brutal acts by the regime as a recruiting tool for your movement
* Isolate or remove from the movement people who use or advocate violence.

So does that sound like a CIA operation? No? yes? Maybe? Ok well, then try this then.
In the year 2000, the US State Department, aided by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and select CIA operatives began secretly training a group of Belgrade university students led by a student group that was called Otpor! (resistance!) NED and the other groups were created in the 1980s by the head of the CIA Bill Casey as a covert CIA tool to overthrow specific regimes anywhere under the cover of an NGO.
In my opinion, since the CIA is using the theory of colour revolution, and the theory is from Gene Sharp, I believe that Gene sharp was CIA, in some way shape or form. And that is the man known as Gene Sharp.
Why does all this have to do with anything? And what does it have to do with the 7 pillars of a color revolution? Well, in my opinion, it will lead to ‘The Great Reset’. Which of course begs the question, what is the Great Reset? And is it dangerous?
Well, for decades the progressives had the idea of using climate change as a means to an end to bring about the changes to the liberal policy. It seems they have reassessed their attempts and are now trying it again. This global thought is now called it the “Great Reset”.
People like the presidential candidate Joe Biden claim that the great reset is needed and necessary to the world. To take that at face value by anybody would be a big mistake. So, the obvious answer to the question “Is the great reset dangerous?” is yes. I think its more correct to say disastrous. Now I don’t expect you to take me at my word, if I did, I would be no better than Joe Biden. So, let me prove it to you.
First off, if you read the above, you have a general idea of what the Great reset is, but I want a deeper look at it shall we? I want you to see that which they progressives won't tell you about it.
The World Economic Forum (WEF) is completely embracing sustainable development which would effectively destroy Capitalism and free enterprise throughout the world. They believe in this so much that their website proclaims it for all to see. It says:
“The COVID-19 crisis has wreaked havoc on societies and economies and dealt a major setback to achieving the 2030 agenda and the Paris climate agreement. Putting the world back on the sustainable, equitable, and inclusive growth will require more than a global recovery; it will involve a Great Reset of social and economic systems.”
It is that very idea that becomes the Technocracy’s coup de ’tat, it’s their way of taking over in a way, it is their way of changing whose in control. The hard truth is that if the world’s economic system changes, everything changes. And just remember, this coup de ’tat is not political, it’s far worse, it’s economic. And remember if the world revolves around money, as it claims, then the economic change like that could be and most assuredly will be dangerous for all involved.
After doing some reading, I firmly believe that the WEF is the institution that brought about the idea of the great reset. How could they do that by use of their ‘Strategic intelligence platform’, that is how.
If you asked them about it, they would tell you that “it is a dynamic system of contextual intelligence that enables users to trace relationships between issues, supporting more informed decision making.” And it appears that the strategic intelligence platform is the tool tat the WEF uses to bring all their interests together as one target. Thus, making it easier to focus on their agenda.
As I investigated this issue it is easy to see how each global issue and big industry intertwine together. And I believe that the WEF has the belief that all nations and industries should be interdependent and look to fix the issues through a medium if global resources.
There is a whole list of global issues and industries included in the great reset, too many to name here, however they are a mix of subjects from across the whole Strategic Intelligence platform. I believe that the WEF has created all this so that it can pull all of these areas together to try to bring about a ‘New World Order’.
But what are the motivations of this great reset? From some reading, I found out that there are 2 major voices here, and that is the founder and executive founder of the institution Klaus Schwab, and IMF managing director Kristalina Georgieva.
Klaus Schwab posted to the WEF website two articles “Now is the time for a great reset” and “COVID-19’s legacy: How to get the great reset right”. And according to him, the great reset should be pursued because COVID-19 has demonstrated that what we are doing is not good enough and need to be changed. But it also has accelerated our arrival into the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
Not familiar with the concept of the fourth industrial revolution? I know I was not when I started this, but after reading about it, I am now. It is a concept from the WEF brought up in their 2016 Davos meeting. Essentially the fourth industrial revolution is following on the third revolution which is dubbed as the digital revolution, and on the second revolution which occurred between 1800 and the first world war, and the first which started about 1700.
But in essence, the fourth industrial revolution is a creeping motion towards a ‘New World Order’, which essentially is a clandestine assembly of elites all gathered together to plot how to essentially subjugate the world’s population through a one-world government. It is an attempt to delegitimize the theory that world events are apart of a goal to cause every economy in the world to form one global economy while centralizing the political power at the expense of national sovereignty and individual freedom.
There has been a lot of controversy about a ‘New World Order’ in recent year, especially in political arenas and global groups most of which is dismissed as hearsay. I simply say this, don’t do that, don’t dismiss this. It is as real as a heart attack.
It is so real that there have been American presidents, British prime ministers, and others who say that the new world order is needed. In 1991, which is after the end of the cold war, American President George H.W. Bush announced that the world now “had an opportunity to forge, for ourselves and our future generations, a New World Order.” Former President Bill Clinton said many years later “…President Bush said, and it’s a phrase I often use myself, that we needed a new world order. And it looks like we got a lot of disorder.”
So with that being said, As you can see I have brought you from the 7 pillars of a colour revolution to a ’New World Order’, which will lead to the destruction of this country, that I took an oath to defend her against all enemy’s foreign and domestic, one in which I have not been released from nor do I want to be.
I hope you truly see why the 7 pillars and the great reset, and all that stuff is EXTREMELY dangerous to the American way of life. I know I have seen everything in a new light, as I hope you have.
I know it leaves me with several questions in my mind. One of the main ones is “can we stop it?” and another one “ are we awake enough to see it for ourselves, and change our way of life and keep it free, like the founding fathers truly fought and died for?
The answer is a simple one, but the implications of it are an extraordinarily complex set of ideas. The answer is yes, most assuredly yes. Now, all that is left is for us to do it, can you? Will you? I know I will, will you stand beside me and do it?

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