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Part 2 of the alien story.
They came from outer space 2!

Explore Joe must even if there was a shark monster in the ship with him. He had to comb every inch of the ship he must for the sake of all mankind. He had to open some of the doors and see if he could find any clues that would save him and all of mankind. Joe could be the only thing standing between freedom and total destruction of all mankind.
He went into the middle of the ship and found a large opening. He stepped inside and there was glass from top to the bottom. Behind the glass was what looked like books. Lot's and lot's of books and books in every language, from every corner of the world. It's like they were studying other nations and other aliens. Studying everything about them, but why? Why would someone want to study others? Why would they want to know everything about other nations, other aliens, and worlds? They could want to know because they were friendly and wanted to be friends. Or even more likely they wanted to know to take over and or kill others weaker and or not as smart as them.

Did these aliens go from place to place throughout the known world-conquering and or killing people and aliens? It was very possible that these aliens did just that and Joe just had to find out for sure. He moved a little closer to the glass and a small blue light appeared just briefly. He stepped back several feet and then threw a pen he had in his pocket, the blue light enlarged and flashed like a bolt of lightning destroying the pen in no time flat. In the middle of the room was glass like a large cylinder, but it looked like a control panel of some kind was behind this glass. He believed if he could get a closer look at the books and do some studying of his own he could find out their plans for earth. There must be a way to get to the books but how? Oh, well he would explore some more and think about it. He went a few steps and to the left he could hear and scratching sound and then a growling sound. That must be where the family pet lived and he didn't want to run into him ever. Joe quickly moved on pass that area and made a mental note of the door. Joe was moving toward the back of the ship now and to him, the ship seemed to be getting larger as he went.

In the back of the ship were one large room and two little rooms. Joe tried to go into the bigger room first. The door had some type of code pad and only the right code would allow you in. Well, most likely he was not going to get in this room today. So Joe went to the door of one of the smaller rooms and when he got close it opened motion senor door on small rooms or so it would seem. This room was dark but as he walked in the lights came on and a voice said welcome Tishabosa.In the room, there were only a few things a small bookshelf with books and the whole thing was encased in glass. A large pod that looked like it was for sleeping because there was a blanket in it and a strange item that looked a very ugly version of a humans rag-doll.This must be their daughters room Joe thought. There was a big screen of some kind hanging over the bed it took up almost the whole wall but it only was visible as one got within a few feet of the pod. The pod was on some kind of track or something and could be moved or turned. Most likely it could be turned to face the big screen. There were a few other things in the room but the room looked like a basic kids room for the most part so Joe was ready to move on. He went to the next small room across from the Large bedroom. This room was probably the son's room and he needed a little space so that's why it wasn't next to his sister's room.You got in the same way as the other bedroom and the light's came on and he was greeted upon entering.

This room was a little bigger and at least two of the walls had hidden panels or entry-ways of some kind so most likely there was something behind those walls. He moved close to see if he could find a way in.No he didn't see a way to get in, as he reached out to touch the wall a code pad showed up. He did the same to the other wall and other code pad appeared. This kid was smart he was using some form of a cloaking device to hide his code pads. Joe would investigate more later. He looked around there was a bigger bookcase in one of the corners of the room but each book was encased in its own glass case. The whole case was encased in glass from the floor to the ceiling. In the middle of the room was a large pod a messy pod. It had papers and books on it and a blanket thrown to the side and hanging off the bed. This blanket however looked like a big heavy tin-foiled covering that was really bright and colorful. This blanket had so many colors that Joe couldn't really identify them all. Above the bed was another big screen almost as big as the wall.This pod also was on some kind of track it seemed. In this room, there were a lot of weird plants almost in every corner of the room. The biggest plant snap at him when he got to close. Some form of venus -fly-trap maybe but no telling what it ate. Joe was getting tired and exploring would now have to wait for another day. He ate a sandwich from his pack and drunk a little water from a pouch. Joe now had to find someplace safe to sleep just in case the family pet got free of the room he was in.
Joe left the boy's bedroom and went a little further down the hall. There was a big door and when he got close to it, it opened and he walked in. There were lots and lots of large shelves with containers on them some see-through some not. The shelves were from floor to ceiling and in one area the shelves were almost bare. Joe would climb up to the top and sleep there that should keep him safe from the family pet well at least as long as he couldn't climb. Joe climbed up and made a little sleeping area with a blanket from his pack a small pillow he made from his jacket. Thank goodness for his pack Joe always keep it with him just in case he got trapped somewhere which he knew could happen and had happened to him a time or two. Joe lay down with a gun in hand and on the ready just in case soon he drifted off to sleep.
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