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by Jacky
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Flash Fiction
Unintentional Lessons

“Andy! Get your carcass in gear!” Gramps, yelled looking in the door.

Andy just stood there.

“Well?” Gramps said, a bit frustrated now.

“I don’t know what that means.”


“What is my carcass?”

Gramps shook his head, “Ah, your body, your self, your, you! You!”

“Me? I’m my carcass?”

“Sort of. It’s just another word for your body. It’s slang, your mother probably wouldn’t approve of it. I probably shouldn’t use it.”

“Oh. So, what’s ‘in gear’ mean?”

“Oh. Well, you know how when we get in the car and it’s stopped. Well, then your mom moves that lever one way and give it gas and it goes forward or another way and it goes backwards?”


“Well, that lever runs something called the gears and the gears make the car go. So, I was telling you to make your gears work so your body would start moving and we could get going!”

“Oh, I get it! So really you were saying let’s go.”


From the downstairs hall: “Where are you guys, Dad? I told you to get Andy quickly, now we’re going to be late! Do you two ever stop playing?”

“We were just getting our carcass in gear!” yelled Andy running ahead down the steps.

The look she gave her father, as he came down behind him, was priceless.
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