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About slavery and Harriet Tubman running.
I was born a slave, a slave of and to the white man.
I was beaten me and my family much of my days.
My sisters were sold away from us when I was young I never forgot their cries.
I was so scared but I was angry knowing this was just not right.
Knowing that this slave thing was just not right.
Knowing that it was God's will that all men be free.
Knowing that someday I would be free, not knowing how but I would be free.
Every harsh word and lash from Master's whip made me more determined of this.
I longed to be free and to be my own person.
Longing to not have to wake before the break of dawn.
Longed not to have to work the Master's fields.
Longed not to feel the Master's whip and hear his harsh words.
I longed to be able to sleep in just one day.
I longed to have my unborn future kids to be born free.
Then Master decided to sell me and my brothers away one day, I knew I must run.
I had to run for my life I wanted to take my brothers but they were too scared.
I had to run on anyway to get away from Master and his whip.
I had help from a Quaker woman she helped set my feet on freedom's path.
With God's Word in my heart and a quest for freedom in my head I ran.
I ran for my life through high bushes and grass.
Through swaps and through the blackest of night I ran.
With dogs and Master right on my heals I ran.
I was so terrified but I ran on and on running to that freedom land beyond.
I ran for all the ones that couldn't run.
I ran for all the ones that would run.
I ran so others maybe years down the line won't have to run , I ran.
I ran for my life trusting the Lord to take my hand and guide me to that freedom land.
Run for mama Harriet, run for dad and brother and sister too.
Lord the Lord will keep thee Harriet run on run on to freedom land.
I ran and ran and did reach that promised land one day.
I knew though my running was not done and God had work for me to do.
I knew I had to go and lead others out of bondage like Moses in the bible did.
So that's what I did, I helped others get their freedom too.
I helped them to have the courage and to run to that freedom land.
I look down from Heaven now and see with all I have done my people still aren't really free.
I see the cops killing them, my people the beloved of God.
I see my people killing each other, the beloved of God.
I see many of them have forsaken God.
My heart breaks as I look down from Heaven this is not the way I whisper.
Most do not hear me though, but once in awhile, one hears.
Once in awhile one understands and runs for the promised land.
Once in awhile, one hears me real clear and goes back for her brothers and sisters too.
When Lord will we get to rest from running I think when?
Then the Master puts his hand on my shoulders and says child not too much longer will you have to wait.
My child, there will be rest for you and all my children someday.
Just tell them to put their trust in me and they shall be free.
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