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Free form poem
Were there Fairy Wings fluttering in hearts
as they came to know each other?
Sometimes yes,
but other times, melt-downs, dark moments...
brief as love grew and caused those uncomfortable folds
to bubble away into oblivion.
The plain of Nirvana called ‘love’, was smooth then.
The enduring, charismatic chemistry was bubbling.
She looks through the mists of time, and remembers.
Some tighten like a band around her head,
but it’s no strain adjusting rose-tinted glasses to the end of her nose
replacing all else with the glow of hundreds of memorable sunsets.
Always and ever, the wonder of a brand new day unfolding,
despite the knowing of how hundreds of thousands of them have been before.
And she sighs.
She’d do it all over again, given the choice.
And shh… he won’t say it out loud to any but her,
but he feels the same.
Long-term love is like that.
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