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Laurel Goodenuff is saved.
Determining Worth

Laurel Goodenuff arrived at her shop, ‘All Goodenuff’, early. She inserted the key in the lock and was about to turn it, when an insinuating female voice spoke.

“Are you open?”

Laurel peered into the shadows where the voice had come from.

“If you give me ten minutes, you are welcome to come in.”

She went in and scurried to the back room to store her coat, umbrella and pocketbook. Business had been slow, so she’d made a snap decision about early birds.

“I hope I’m not making a mistake!”

When she emerged, it was to find a tall woman dressed in black looking around. Laurel decided to watch her. She picked up items and held them briefly.

“Is there something you were looking for?” Laurel asked in her best saleswoman’s voice.

The woman turned to her, revealing that she was heavily veiled.

“I have one question for you,” she said in an eerie, oily voice.


“How much is it worth?”

“How much is what worth? What’s in your hand?”

The figure shook her head.

“This is worth nothing! I want something more precious.”

Laurel stood frozen. She felt a chill go through her. Backing away, she put the counter between herself and the woman.

”That won’t stop Evilla from getting what she wants, what she needs!” the woman hissed.

Terrified, Laurel shrank into a corner. The woman rounded the counter and began moving towards her menacingly. A loud shriek of pain and agony made Laurel open her eyes. A blinding white light had appeared between Laurel and woman.

“Begone, evil one! This one is not for you,” said a familiar voice from inside the light.

The woman evaporated in a swirl of black smoke.

“Thank you!”

“You’re welcome, sweetheart,” said her grandfather as the light faded.

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