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An idea for a Hazbin Hotel fanfiction
Here's an idea I've had for quite some time.
It's a Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss fanfiction.

It begins with Loona walking home from a wild party, but she doesn't arrive for work the next day, or the next, and so on, and with every passing day, Blitzo gets I'll with worry, no one else thinks much of it, assuming she just quit, but when Blitzo attempts to call her, she never answers.

Then the remaining imps attempt a search party, but no one cares because it's Hell.

Then Blitzo gets a call from his unwanted admirer Stolas, who says he knows where Loona is.

Apparently, demons all over Hell have been vanishing without a trace, being summoned and kept in the living world, and the royal family has been hatching a plan to get the wayward souls back.

And with that, the adventure begins...

So what do you think, should I turn this into its own story?
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