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Rated: E · Chapter · Fantasy · #2233467
Two boys and an Elf taking charge, Chapter two of The Veil of Death.
Chapter one "The meet at Ku-To-Yen-Pi [E]

“So, you are saying she is an elf? ” The tall kid with his pair of trousers pulled back up his crotch stood wide-legged above the younger boy. One booth on his stomach, the other firmly on the pavement.

“Yes, I swear, she’s an elf. Come and see if you don’t believe me, she is at my house right now. I hid her there.” The trembling voice got weaker.

“Why is she in your house then?”

“She is looking for children to help her. Something to do with evil on Halloween. Just let me go and I show you. ”

The tall kid still looked suspicious but took a step back, letting the boy on the ground get a grip.

“Okay, I’ll walk with you to your house, but if you double-cross me you know what I’ll do, don’t you?

“You’ll kill me for sure, I know. I am not lying to you, honest.”

“Okay, I believe you. I am Bart by the way, what’s your name?”

“They call me Ginger, cause of the color of my hair.”

“Good for you. Show me the way then, Ginger, I want to meet your elf.”

Both boys shook hands and strolled to the main street. They were an odd couple. Tall next to short and at the very start of a friendship for life.

Raisin looked relieved when she saw the two boys through the kitchen window walking towards the house.

As soon as the two had settled in the elf began her tale, and boy was she a fast speaker. Words and more words rolled out of her tiny mouth and splattered against the ceiling, diving in the middle of the room and spurting the other way around, spinning like a spider’s web.

They were mesmerized by her story of upcoming doom and destruction. Of the fall of mankind if the evil spirits had their way.

“You say for sure that those ghosts will try to lure the souls of innocent people on Halloween, feast on their flesh, and leave the dead bones to rot in the night. All innocent people, all over the world?! That’s horrendous,” said Bart pinching a cookie out of the jar on the kitchen table.

“Horendeous”, echood Ginger.

“Yes, yes”. Raisin looked at the cookie and decided she wanted one too.

For the next half an hour, the three of them were busy organizing. There was a lot to do and not much time to do it in. Halloween was in less than one week.

They had to stop evil. They had to try to save the World.

On two-headed horses, three tall figures rode into the night. Clip, Sclip, Ping, Slop. Clip, Sclip, Ping, Slop. Their hooves made soft sounds on the dark road.

Nobody saw them coming or going. They were just there.

The hour of lot’s faith was approaching.

Chapter three "Approaching the hour [E]
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