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On becoming a writer for the internet and building my portfolio.

My journey as a writer has been primarily academic. However, over the years I have also produced original content such as poems, researched content, biographical, creative, summaries, scholastic, and some technical pieces. Some for pay, but most for the sake of writing itself. Having saved and re-read my pieces, I have found that I have a talent. And talents are to be used. So from there this journey has led me to seeking some form in which to use this talent and that has led me to the point that I have arrived at this moment. Producing my first portfolio. I believe that portfolio should contain works that inspire your audience. It doesn't mean these pieces have to be paid work. It has the purposes of showcasing your talents and that primarily. If you are simply a good writer, there is nothing more you should be worried with. Pieces that display your talent are enough. Now eventually, I definitely seek to produce what is considered higher level content for the internet, such that they can be used to obtain monetary compensation. But that to me is secondary to my endeavors of writing itself. I have found that my talent only can plateau so long as I either stop writing or refuse to return to reading material that I enjoy that inspires my writing. Then I will instead by doing the contrary further my talent as a writer.
I don't particularly attain to producing published works as an objective, but I know that capability exist. Especially in the realm of E-Books. I have more to mind that as many e-books I can write at the present. However, this talent is being developed as it's own entity. It is gaining a life of it's own. Having known many other excellent writers as myself I can only be inspired the more to seek out this development to find what is it that I will do. Writing is a powerful tool that fills the internet at every turn.

Also, writing is a talent that can be produced within the course of one day. So if I am so inspired I might spend my entire day shaping this talent, it seems only fair that I would dedicate it's due time to it. And with fair judgment find what I myself like about my writing. Upon judging myself I may find, I don't like that I produce only certain content, or that I don't produce enough tech worthy content or seek to use it to make money. I might find that others are better at doing this than I am and so seeking my personal direction I leave this niche in large capacity to others. If so, so be it. But any educated person will tell you that a good writer is capable of writing anything. So long as there are niches, there are places for good writers. So how is not the question. When is. When I feel ready, feel comfortable, feel the time is right, then I will transition there. I am happy simply sharing passion and inspiration with others knowing that my presence felt will only lead to some viable network. That is part of my talent. And with a short while, proving myself will be of no challenge.

I encourage those that are not confident as writers to consider building a portfolio. Not based on what others think, but on what you feel about your writing talent. Then find a good place to store this portfolio (offline/online). Whenever you encounter opportunities to write for money, you can share your portfolio in this organized fashion and thereby gain employment, perhaps 5 cents per word, 10 cents per word or even more. Who knows, but the option is there. So do not let anyone discourage you. And not to mention producing a blog. If you develop your talent, you will not have a problem earning money doing it. Now you have developed a trade with which you can tap into at anytime. Each day perhaps creating a few more pieces to add to your repertoire. And then establish yourself. Now you can develop your content for the internet by working on title, meta tags, keywords, inserted html tags, personalized site tags, videos, charts, audio formats, infographics, breaking down your article into steps, numbers or sections and adding additional content for tech style articles and copywrite purposes. Then you can learn how to optimize this content for better monetization. That is to say, develop this talent from a small idea, edit later. If you feel like writing, write. Re-create it into something else after you find
it's purpose. This is where portfolios truly take shape.
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