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Writing serves as a means of expression even for the internet

To me writing is a great way to explore knowledge and to express your inspiration of books. It also serves as a source of
creativity for expressing things in a way that isn't bound by the sole purpose of having to push digital content. Also, writing is a way to freely let yourself express what's inside of you, without having to plan what you are going to say. The old method that students were taught to write an essay was to start with the topic assigned and write freely what you can about a topic or to create a raw composition or draft. Then over time, you were taught how to structure the essay by including an intro and body and a conclusion, as well as how to write a bibliography, research a topic, include quotes and proof for your arguments, and how to edit an essay grammatically and to include necessary interesting components. We were taught what similes, metaphors, adjectives,
adverbs, nouns, pronouns and verbs were and the extent of the English language at the extent of the level we attended. As
we learned more grammar, the more our vocabularies grew and we became better writers over time and also more extensive readers.
After learning a dictionary and a thesaurus I realized the power of the English language and my hunger for books grew. I found
this eloquence in classic novels and developed a passion for reading and became and talented poet. I could write any assignment
in the form of request in under an hour or a day. That is because words excited me, and as I read and learned more I developed
quite an extensive vocabulary, grammar and my own style. I became talented in logic and creativity while also in technical
vocations employing a vast personal experience, common sense and quality in my writing.

In order to become a noteable writer I have sought to continue a journey that many writers take, research. However, the topics or
what are now known as keyword areas, are the source I use, but by studying a topic that I am trying to master, bring closure to or to
start at an entry level. I am interested and experienced in a lot of areas and so I tend to research a lot of things at one time. For instance everyday I turn on my phone I search the news feed and find lots of articles on topics that I have studied over the course
of a few days in a row. I tend to stick with this material and bookmark the articles that I find most interesting, yet gleaning information
I need that will be useful for my purposes in the future. After having read the same material overtime, I develop deep learning on that topic that helps me to build on my experience with that topic on beginner, intermediate and expert levels. This leads to other areas that I can write about and research and develop further material or studies upon. Research also permeates other areas allowing for deeper research and more vast understanding for purposes of gaining advanced experience on that topic. That is why I believe that any area can be researched for writing and any topic can be written upon researching a topic. For example, a novice computer user over time can learn how to use a computer more over time and go from a novice to knowing everything about Basic Windows interface, to learning how to research any topic on the internet, to self-teaching HTML coding, perhaps without ever taking a course or even reading a textbook, therefore building this skill to an advanced level and being able to eventually produce high level and high numbers of articles on this topic. Similarly, I research lots of information that appeals to me and build my skills overtime in those areas.

A writer does not have to be an expert. I feel the basic set of skills of a writer is a passion for reading, basic literary skills, and a desire to learn how to become a better writer. That said, I feel that that can lead to anyone being able to write a blog, an article, or a simple piece to catch the eye of a reader, digital networker or even possibly an employer. With experience, especially in research of your area of interest you develop the expertise required to become noteable. Furthermore, that expertise can lend itself to building value as a writer by becoming educated. A course in writing, SEO, business, digital marketing, technical writing, art, or some other area of interest will give help you develop as a writer. Allowing yourself to learn is very important as it serves as a channel for building new skills and developing and infinite stream of material. This material serves as a foundation for you as a writer, the provision for you to deliver meaningful, quality content again and again. Finally, writing is not only a source for getting attention on the internet, it is truly the gateway to express our innermost passions and creativity. Therefore, if you like writing as much as I do, I encourage you to
explore this perhaps untapped talent and unleash your inner genius. You may find that you had everything you need to become a great writer, and possibly become part of the expert community, pave your own path, or change the scope of the internet and writing community itself.
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