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I couldn't see you in the morning, you didn't go to school, you didn't text or call. Now you can't see me, I won't be going to work, I won't be able to text or call.

You didn't go to school so I went looking for you. I walked here and there, covered the town, traversed the area. Eventually I found myself down by the wharf. Walking all morning can be very tiring, so I sat on a bench, to think, to wonder where you could be.

That is when I saw them, the sunglasses near the waters edge, pink sunglasses, pink like yours. I went down to investigate, to make sure they weren't yours. You always write your name on everything, in pen, in pencil, in paint if you have to. I picked them up, turned them around and around, no name, they were not yours.

I turned to leave and he was there. I don't know him, never seen him before, will never see him again. He stood in front of me, a club in his hand, evil in his eyes. My feet slipped when I turned to run, sand is slick, sand is not made for running.

I live in the water now, forever, my soul to remain after the body is gone.

I wish I had seen you this morning, if only you had gone to school, maybe you could have called or sent me a text.

I wish I had not gone looking for you.
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