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by Paul
Rated: E · Short Story · Comedy · #2233652
He can’t find what he needs, but he has a wife.

         . . . Where the hell is it! I’ve LOST it . . . “HONEY!”
         “Being married to a genius is a challenge. BE RIGHT THERE!”
         I know I put him away. She always knows . . .
         “Phew! Our next house will NOT have stairs, what are you looking for in such a tizzy?”
         “Taz! I’ve GOT to have him for work today.”
         “Why is today so important?”
         “Because I present my design for the new tablet today. I always wear him when I give my final presentations. He brings me good fortune.”
         “You are incredible! An IQ above 190 and you can’t give a presentation without a good-luck talisman?”
         “Ca”mon, help me here. I know I hung him up the last time, but he’s not there.”
         “When was that?”
         “For the presentation of the new video design for the older version, that’s what gave me the idea for the new tablet. It should make a lot of money and secure our future.”
         “Let’s see, if I remember you wore the red shirt with the dark grey slacks and that old sports coat… right?”
         “Yes, I wore the sports coat when I graduated. I’ve always considered it harbinger of good fortune too.”
         “Let’s see, you loosen your tie with your right hand then pull it off with your left then roll it up small end first soooo… here is your Tasmanian Devil tie in the left hand pocket of your ugly, plaid, lucky charm jacket.
         “How do you do that?”
         “Find it in seconds and make me feel like an idiot.”
         “We’ve been married 24 years and I know you, Ian. And, you’re my idiot.”
         “Thanks, I think. Love you, Darcy.”
         “Love you too…get ready.”
         “Yes, dear
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