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A young warrior fairy is tested
The young fairy and the sprite
Word count 2624

She hovered over her forest-dwelling terrified and fearing the worst. As she looked down upon her city in the forest everyone seemed to be frozen in place, she couldn't tell if they were dead or alive. Some stood on their front porches, some below in the market. In fact, in mid-flight, the military hung frozen in the air.

"What magic is this? What could've caused this magic? Oh no, MOM!" She thought as she raced home. There she was, frozen still, just like everybody else. She quickly went to her room and retrieved the illegal pixie magic spellbook and one of her fairy spell books and put them into her pack hoping she would be able to use some of the more advanced spells and abilities. "This has to be the work of that most evil sprite, Camnamon." She knew a few spells already, but she needed more pixie dust to pull off some of the more intense spells. "Wait a minute, I'm no hero, I'm still just a child. If only one of the militia had followed me into the woods, but what other option do I have. All of the other fey cities were too far away to get help from." Now she had to think like a warrior, 'At least I've got three years of military training. I hope that's enough.'

"First step, what did he want?" She said under her breath. "Oh no!"

She flew to the vault where the heavily guarded sacred spellbook was kept; it was the book that held their most sacred spells and rituals not to mention all the secrets of the fey. This could prove disastrous if the Kelendor sprites get hold of it.

"No no no!" All of the traps had been disarmed and the force fields deactivated, not only that but all of the doors had been unlocked and opened. The book was gone! She had to do something, but what. "First I gotta get out of here. Just in case everyone wakes up, I don't want them to see me here."

"But he's never shown any interest in the book whatsoever. So why now?"

She flies back to her favorite balcony on the palace. Now she's in a real conundrum that she and only she has to figure out.

"I can't do this, I can't do this." She sits on the balcony with her knees to her forehead and tears streaming down her pink cheeks. Then she remembered the words of one of her teachers, though they all tried to instill this into every student. 'There is no situation too big to handle, whatever the task; it was given to you for a reason, and you can do it.' That's when she stood, determined to overcome this situation. She would die for her friends and family if that's what it takes. Her hands became fists of rage. "Let's not put your emotions ahead of the task Misty, you can and will do this." She told herself aloud.

'I must think like one of those evil sprites. The Kelendor sprites want to rule over the fairies and pixies. Is this the way they're going to do it? I'm going to have to try to use my sense magic ability if I'm to find this thief and hope I can still find the trail.' She stood there thinking. 'But what will I do when I catch him? Ask for the book back? He won't give it up without a fight. I have to think like a warrior now, I need a plan.'

She devised a plan for which spells she should use first and with that, grabbed her spear and headed high into the trees so she could better locate the magic trail amongst all the trails in her city. She located an odd trail leaving the city in an unusual pattern. It seemed to zigzag where one would think they would just hurry up and get out before the spell wore off.

As she followed the trail she slowly began to realize that this wasn't Camnamon's trail. It was too weak. It must be one of his lackeys. This trail was different somehow; it didn't feel evil at all, more mischievous than anything. 'But what mischievous sprite has that kind of power? If this guy had that kind of power why didn't he just mask his trail? Something's not adding up.'

As she follows the trail she sees a shadowy figure at the end of it. She hides on a branch on the other side of the tree to collect her courage. 'Maybe I'm just not cut out to be a warrior of the fey. But I have to get that book back but if I don't then I have failed everyone in my kingdom. I have to try.'

Knowing that she can easily catch up to him now; she forms a battle plan in her head. 'Now is the time to act! Remember your training Misty.' After she figures out her plan it's time to enact it.

She puts a resist magic spell from both books on herself. "I don't need to end up like my mom and the other fairies." She whispered to herself. Then she sprang into action chasing him down as he flew through the majestic fog-covered forest.

She sprinkles some pixy dust onto the tip of the spear and waved her hands in a circular type motion and touched the tip of it, then, released the spear at him. He dodged it easily. leaves and dust flew into the air as the spear struck the ground with a soft thud. She noticed that he slowed considerably. "It worked!"

With even more determination than ever and a little more confidence, she flew down to retrieve the spear, as he cast a spell in slow motion. She recognized the spell immediately as a mute spell. It was a good thing she cast that resist magic spell on herself because the mute spell would drastically reduce her spell arsenal.

She retrieved her spear and tried to chant another spell but she uttered no sound.

'Shit! Damnit. I only have the pixy spells now.' He turned and fled slowly farther into the forest toward a sprite village not far away. 'I have to catch him and hold him in the forest away from that village. I won't stand a chance against more than one sprite. I have an idea.'

With him moving so slowly, she had time to look in the pixy book to see if she could find a certain spell. 'Found it!'

As she was casting her new spell she flew over to him and waved her hands in a certain formation, but he got a lightning bolt off first knocking her across the forest some way, but doing very little damage due to the resist magic spell. She was slightly dazed but could tell that she didn't get off the spell in time. She needed to try again.

She flew back over to him and noticed that the slow spell was beginning to wear off. As he began to move faster she used one of her abilities and slammed him right into the ground face first. The ability would hold him fast for a good while. She tried to use her next spell again, this time the backpack lifted off his back breaking the straps, and it floated in the air to her.

Without hesitation, knowing that he would soon be able to become mobile again she bolted off into the forest toward the palace.

'I need to get this back to the vault.'

She flew back as fast as she could and knowing that fairies were faster than sprites she knew she could make it with time to spare.

She made it to the vault to find it just as she had left it with one exception; the Matron Annastailia was waiting for her inside the vault.

"I was wondering if you were going to feel guilty enough to bring it back young lady. Why did you take it?"

"But I-"

" I don't want to hear it!" She said holding her hand up and placing the pack on the dais that typically held the book. She locked the gates and brought the forcefields back up. "You will accompany me to the throne room. NOW!"

With her head held low, she followed the Matron to the throne room. She wanted to tell her that she had gone out and retrieved the book from a rival sprite who undoubtedly followed her back to the vault. She wanted to tell her that if they acted quickly they could catch him and bring him to justice but she knew it was no use, she already had her mind made up and that was that. She would have a chance to tell her side of the story when they got to the throne room.

Matron Annastailia sat at her throne and stared at Misty with contempt for a few moments before she spoke.

"I want to know why you stole the book and then brought it back." She told her.

"I did not steal that book," Misty said flatly.

"Then explain yourself."

"When I got back from my spot in the woods everyone was frozen. I checked the vault and it was completely empty. Then I found a trail leading out of the city and followed it where I then recovered the book from a mischievous little sprite, He could have been one of Camnomon's lackeys. Then I brought the book back here. But I do have a question Matron."

"Go ahead." She said rolling her eyes.

"Why are you not still frozen?"

"Never mind that. That's quite a story. What made you think you could handle this large of a task?"

"I didn't think I could, I actually thought I might get killed trying to save it, but I knew I had to try. I was very afraid of that. The boy was much weaker than I thought. I don't know how he could've frozen the whole city. He just didn't have that kind of power." She worried a little bit knowing that the Matron was unfrozen and still walking around.

"And how were you going to manage to unfreeze the city citizens?"

She lowered her head in shame and waited a few seconds.

"Well? What was your plan girl?" The Matron insisted.

"I was going to use the book to try to find a spell that would do exactly that and hope I was strong enough to do it. But I wasn't afraid to die trying." She said standing up straight and looking directly into her eyes.

"You know that is absolutely forbidden and carries a punishment of banishment!"

"I am well aware of that Matron but if it were to save my family, friends, and this city then I was willing to take the risk."

"Brave words for such a young fairy such as yourself. Here I thought you were a mere girl without the courage to go and pull off such a stupid stunt as this."

"I'm sorry Matron it was the only thing I knew to try, the only thing to try. But I'm not sorry I did it. The book is back and I am ready for whatever punishment you deem fit for my actions."

"You will wait in the great hall while I make my decision on what to do with you."

"Yes Matron." She said proudly feeling that her intent justified her actions.

The great hall's doors were very large. She had only been there once before and was still in awe over the exquisite power that the palace exuded. The decor was unbelievable and the craftsmanship even better.

She pushed open the door and stopped dead in her tracks in the doorway. There sat the book surrounded by guards and a force field.

'What in the hell?' She thought. 'Then what was in the pack? And why was the Matron so hard on me? This isn't making any sense. She must know the book is in here and how were these guards not frozen?'

Just then the leader of the militia walked in through the other door, Gracy.

"You will follow me, Matron's orders." Confused, she made her way to her and followed her down several corridors to the entrance to a larger room. "You will wait here." She opened the door and walked in. A few seconds later she opened the door and beckoned her to follow her into the dark room.

'Oh great. Is she planning on torturing me? Is this the prison room?'

Suddenly, the torches all lit up at once and as light filled the room she saw many people.

"Surprise!" They all yelled in unison.

The Matron and the Gracy walked up to her as the crowd hushed.

"Congratulations Misty, on a job well done." Matron said.

"You made several mistakes but I see great things for you in the future. You may lead the militia one day and take my place. We will work with you on strategy and risk-taking later. You have graduated to the next level of training. One as young as yourself has never risen through training so quickly." Gracy said.

"But- I don't understand," Misty said.

"This was all a test of your abilities, wisdom, and courage." The Matron told her. "We wanted to see if you would doubt yourself or take the deadly risk, and you passed the test easily. I'm proud of you."

"The only thing we feared was that you lacked the courage to take on danger. You have excelled and surpassed expectations as a student but you seemed to lack the confidence in your abilities. So we had to put you in a situation where you had no choice but to do the right thing. I think you have found your confidence, Misty. Never doubt your own abilities, especially when you excel as fast as you have."

"I'm afraid I didn't do it all by the book," Misty said lowering her head.

"Oh?" The Matron questioned.

"I also found and used a pixie spellbook." She looked up in fear. "The book! I forgot it in the forest!"

"You mean this book?" The young sprite she chased in the woods walked up carrying the book and her backpack and handed it to her.

"You!" Misty said furiously. "How did you get this!?" She tilted her head in bewilderment. "Wait. Your part of this too?" She looked back at Gracy in confusion then sorrow. "I'm sorry about the book, but I had no choice."

"You're sorry? Who do you think led you to find the book? We planted it in your hidden spot. We knew you may have to use those spells to get the book back. We told William here what spells to use to give you a severe disadvantage and you took advantage of all the tools available. That's what a true warrior does and you did it."

"I'm sure you have more questions for us but Gracy can answer them later, for now, enjoy your celebration. Go mingle with your friends and family." Matron Annastailia told her. "Let the festivities begin." She said raising her arms.

Music erupted and people parted to reveal a giant buffet. She was still confused but also starving. Using magic can take a lot out of a fairy, and she had to wait to eat.

"May I eat with you?" William asked holding out his elbow for her to take. She took it reluctantly. "You know, I volunteered for this assignment, I kinda like you." She looked away from him blushing.

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