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by Cherry
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Her Dance
She moves to the mystical sound she hears, gracefully dancing as each cherry blossom petal falls . Within her movements of poetry , her power she expels with the gentle turn of her wrists...

You sit there gazing upon her alabaster face, no smile you will see; not even a trace. Her lips painted in red never to be kissed.
Her poetry lays inside her obi sash , tightly bound around revealing a hint of her secret. For the beholder to unravel once they meet.

Her mind is fragile, her grace you cannot emulate, she will leave you longing as you anticipate her song. You must listen to her mystical tune, it reveals her love hidden; to touch her is forbidden.

Her soul dances across the starlit sky. Lost in her dance, she entrances man. Her ornate dressings and silken kimono gold. Her heart and love cannot be sold, her secret and mystery never to be told.

You try to look into her eyes to seek her soul, wanting and waiting for her story to slowly unfold. Her eyes are blank as she glides into her dance; She will not let any of her thoughts escape, it is not allowed for her to reveal her history. But if you listen and watch each step she glides ,perhaps you will feel her dance speak.

She reveals her tales through her music and dance. Her gracefulness will place your mind in a trance; as she pours your Saki into your glass warm. She curtsies gliding away leaving behind her mystery with the sweet scent of the nectar of cherry blossoms, Petals swirl with her flow, as if dancing to her silent sways.
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