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Rated: 13+ · Assignment · Mystery · #2233704
Day 1 entry for PrepMo 2020
What is Antonio, who owns a local Italian restaurant, decides he wants to open a stand at a local amusement park? What if Antonio finds ways to fill and deep-fry manicotti with a variety of different fillings? What is Antonio uncovers the amusement park owner’s nephew is bilking her out of thousands of dollars per month? What if the park is unable to pay its bills? What if the owner, Betty, is dipping into her own savings to keep the park afloat for Gary, her nephew, because she wants to leave him something? She and her late husband took Gary in after his mother, her sister, died, and what if he has always taken advantage of that?
One of Antonio’s employees, Ralf, uncovers the scam. Somehow finds out everything that is going on. He also finds out, late at night roaming the grounds after he closes the stand, that Gary has actually killed someone in a murder for hire plot. Gary has already killed once. I am not sure, at this point, if he has a drug problem or a gambling problem. I am thinking gambling, but until I get to know his character better, and what he went through when his Mom died, I guess I don’t have an answer to that. I am guessing the guy he owes, though, is a bookie.
If he is a drug addict, that is almost too messy for the setting, I think, for some reason. He could be just as panicked as a gambling addict. He does not want to be exposed. He does not want to be killed. So he will have to pay up.
Antonio cares a great deal about his employees and sees Ralf, especially, as family. Ralf comes to Antonio with his concerns, but Antonio would rather not get in the middle of it all. When Ralf goes missing, though, Antonio likely would know where to start looking.
Oddly, Gary’s ex wife hangs around the park and used to help with running the whole show when she and Gary were together. She has a thing for Ralf, so she hangs around Antonio’s stand. I think the stand may be called something clever – Handi Mandicotti or something Handi Mani…. Who knows. So she hangs around there, and she is the reason Ralf knows about this.
When Ralf approaches Antonio, then, Antonio might think Gary’s ex is just trying to get back at him and is blowing things out of proportion to get back at him. Her name, tentatively, is Rita. But that makes Ralf and Rita, and I don’t think I want that. But that’s it for now.
She does seem a bit jaded and vindictive. So, for a while, Ralf tries to steer clear of her. Then he finds out she is in danger. Someone almost runs her over as she leaves the park as it is closing. Ralf hears the squealing tires and Rita’s scream. He runs to the gate and sees her duck behind a parked car, with the speeding vehicle coming within inches of her. Her high heeled sandals are still in the road.
Rita sustains some road rash from diving away from the silver sedan that tried to run her over, and well as a sprained wrist and ankle. She will be laid up for a bit, but tells Ralf she will still come and see him at the park. He asks her not to come back to the park, telling her he will come to see her instead.
That could turn out to be Ralf’s undoing. He could be going to see her, and Gary would have people watching her house. Rita, drinking one night shortly before the attempt to run her over, tells Gary she is going to the cops, although she is not even sure she has enough evidence to prove anything. She does not tell Gary this, though.
Maybe, now that I am thinking about it, Rita is the one who gets killed. Ralf did have a thing for her after all, so now he is going to get Gary. He is going to expose him for everything he knows he is.
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