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Rated: 13+ · Assignment · Mystery · #2233741
The premise for Manicotti and Murder
My story takes place in present-day America. It doesn’t need to be anywhere specific, I suppose, maybe the eastern part of the country? Midwest? It is probably somewhere a bit warmer than here because I want to amusement park to be open for a long time every year. But it could be like Illinois or something.
My protagonist is Antonio Marzetti - but that last name might change. Too many Ms with Manicotti and Murder maybe? But he is in his late 40s. He has owned his restaurant in town for 15 years. He has just decided to create a food stand at the local amusement park where he will sell deep fried manicotti on a stick – filled with several different things. Hi major flaw is being a perfectionist, but that comes with being in the restaurant industry for so many years. He does not like bullies and tends to get involved where he may really not have to, putting himself in situations he could have avoided.
Antonio’s main goal is to be known as a successful restauranteur. He wants to do well for himself and to be sure his staff will always have a great place to work. In this particular case, though, in this novel, Antonio wants to right a wrong.
He finds out that Gary Archer is stealing from his aunt, who owns the amusement park. Gary has gotten himself into a deep debt with a bookie. He keeps stealing from his aunt, Betty Farner, and the amusement park, which is all she has left since her husband Todd’s death, is in danger of closing if she can’t find a way to have it start making money again. She is not sure how it is failing after 30 plus years of success. When Antonio finds out about this, he will, once again, put himself in a situation he does not need to be in – but this one could be deadly.

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