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A true tale but admittedly the narrator can only verify the boy's point of view.

Silence now filled what had been the scene's buzzing aura. The background's constant din which hummed just beyond the forested battle setting was no more. However, the author/narrator failed to notice this one aspect of his story of which he had the least control. The writer looked out and saw that his extras, those in his family get together, got together and left without him.

Now, all pretense was over. The grass he laid in ceased to be tall green foliage providing cover for the allied and enemy combatants alike. The soldiers themselves returned into twigs split into pieces smaller than the surrounding blades of grass. The mustachioed mastermind of an epic battle scene reversed back into a quiet yet imaginative little boy.

The boy could see that they were gone. So, he calmly went about leaving the park. Fortunately, the villagers, uh sorry his family had parked near the road. He walked unto the road to go home. Ignorance, arrogance or both prevented worry or tears from inserting themselves into his predicament. He just proceeded to walk in the direction towards his home.

The boy's recollection of his circumstance was restricted to what lay before his senses. He in his mind just happened to see three older boys walking in the same direction. They appeared as other kids he had seen before. And so, he joined them. Meanwhile, in a realm far away yet nearby the omnipotent one looked on.

A brief glance revealed every crashing sea wave and birds soaring the earth's higher altitudes scattered among the interplay of all events across the universe. Yet, he concerned himself with this one boy's plight. He in his three dimensions as lord, light and life of all that is was or will be scripted the boy's fate much as this little one imagined his own story while in the park. The all-knowing one as such decided to call upon three among the celestial inhabitants in his employ to guide the boy back home safely.

The omnipotent one told them to lead the boy where death would surround him, but to let no harm visit him. The three as then instructed took leave of their high place. Upon reaching solid earth ground their appearance transformed from angelic like beings to three 10-year-old boys.

The boy then encountered what appeared to him as three older boys. They conversed as they navigated the busy street beyond the park. They cut across wooded land that led to a cemetery. Together they managed the expanse dotted with head stones. Soon it would be dark. But again no fear and no tears would the boy feel for he was with friends.

The graves gave way to adjoining railroad tracks. The path down the tracks led to his neighborhood. The boy now knowingly walked back to his house shortly after spotting a familiar Hauck gas station. To his knowledge, he never again encountered the three. But somehow upon reading this, one gets the feeling that at some point they will meet again.

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