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My entry for the third round of the Harry Potter contest
The Daily Prophet

         Sirius Black, mass murderer, has escaped Azkaban. An island that lies in the middle of the ocean, Azkaban is home to the worst kind of people. It houses murderers, thieves, and Death Eaters, the scum that followed He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named. As for who guards the hellish prison, witches patrol the outer banks while the inside is filled with ghastly nightmare inducing dementors: dark creatures with sunken black holes for eyes, grey translucent robes, and skeleton hands. They are supposed to be the last defense for rebellious inmates—the line between a half crazed life or death. The fact that Black escaped, a feat that no unaided witch or wizard has been able to accomplish in the last two hundred and seventy years of the prison’s workings, is remarkable.

However, this is all to say that he is dangerous. These are dangerous times and we all must be careful. Sirius Black is a raving lunatic who has suffered from years of hell and will no doubt attack any who cross his path. He is the one who killed twelve muggles and one wizard thirteen years ago after all. I advise you to not get too comfortable with your fellow man while he is at large. Instead, let your wand be your friend and wit your guide. We are still unsure how he escaped and it is better if you trust no one until this matter is dealt with. But do not be afraid, it will only be a matter of time before he is back in the Ministry's grasp.

By: Miranda Azusa

20 July 1993
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