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A teenager follows through on a sinister plan.
“This is ridiculous!” Marty said, fiddling with the salt shaker on the kitchen table, his bowler hat sagging slightly to the left. “Stop dicking around and just do it!”

I averted his gaze and shoveled a spoonful of milk-drenched cereal into my mouth. “How fast will it happen?”

“Well, if you hit the spot like I showed you, she’ll bleed out quicker than a diabetic stepping on an upturned nail,” Samantha chimed in from behind me. She liked to sit on the counter near the sink.

I smiled at the thought but worried about the timing. “But I need a ride to town later and--”

“There he goes again with the excuses,” huffed George who stood by the back door. His gray suit never looked dingier.

“Yup,” Marty said. “Look, you know that if we could do it for you, we would.”

“I know,” I said and heard a rustling coming from the living room.

“What’s that, sweetie?” my mother asked as she entered the kitchen and headed straight to the sink. She grabbed a mug from the dishrack and turned on the tap. Samantha shot her a disdainful look.

I said nothing as I swiftly got up, grabbing the chef’s knife that had been hiding under a magazine. My mother let out a tiny yelp as I bent her over the sink, swinging and holding both of her arms behind her. I plunged the knife just below her left shoulder blade, and quickly cupped her mouth to stifle her screams. She struggled violently from my constraint as her blood splattered wildly all over.

Samantha had vanished, and I didn’t have to turn around to know that both Marty and George had phased into the shadows as well. Damned ghosts, I thought, always making me to the dirty work.

Written for the 10/03/2020 prompt of "Daily Flash Fiction Challenge"   by Arakun the Twisted Raccoon
Write a story that includes the line "This is ridiculous!"
Word Count: 300
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