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Life can be a cycle. You never know who will come to your rescue.
French Polynesia

When Mana’arii was born, the sound of thunder resonated.
Something was clogged in his throat.
His grandmother helped him to breathe, and she saved his life.
It was a great relief when Manuarii screamed so loud to take his first breath.
Poerava thought that his grandson was full of vigour. He would become a great warrior like his father.
It was the best thing you could hope for a boy.
Mana’arii was a healthy baby with a solid appetite.
He grew up with his two older sisters, his little brother and the rest of the children of the clan.

He had an adventurous personality.
He was regularly scolded because he liked to climb to the top of trees. He often had minor injuries.
His mother was particularly worried that he had a bad influence on his brother who followed him everywhere.

But somehow, Mana’arii managed to reach the age of adolescence without too many problems.
It was time for him to pass the initiation rite that would mark his transition to adulthood.
The goal was to be connected with the spirits of the ancestors.
It was a three day retreat with other adolescents supervised by four adults who were great warriors. You had to wrestle with the adults to know your limits which would push you to remain humble.
Mana’arii was not deterred when they asked the adolescents who wanted to go first, he gladly volunteered.
He was defeated each time, but it had shown him that could get back up to face adversity.

At end the of the retreat, all the adolescents prayed with the adults to the universe and the ancestors to guide them through their lives. You showed gratitude for the gifts that the nature brought.

Two years after the retreat, Mana’arii became a very dynamic man.
It was time for him to be married but no girls really caught his fancy.
It was at this moment that the chief’s niece arrived to be married to a warrior from of different clan they called the people from the sea.

Instantly, Mana’arii felt very attracted to her, but he knew that he could never had her because she was destined for someone else.
One day when Mana’arii was on his way to collect oranges in the valley, he went near the waterfall, and he saw Hinatea swimming with other women.
It was the most idyllic vision he never had in his life.
He stayed hidden to contemplate her beauty.

Three weeks later, Hinatea was by herself returning from the waterfall when she ran into Mana’arii.
He proposed her fresh oranges that she gladly accepted.
Mana’arii was very charming.
He showed her where he used to pick them up.
As a newcomer, she wanted to know more about the surroundings.
He told her that he could show her more but they had to stay very discreet. Nobody should see them.

They learned to know each other during these days.
Mana’arii realised that he had developed strong feelings for her but he knew that he would lead only to more troubles if he expressed them.
Hinatea liked to be around him.
They were walking together when the chief’s son caught them. He was totally enraged.
They tried to lie to him.
He immediately punched Mana’arii because he thought that they disrespected him.
A huge fight ensued.
Fearing for his life, Mana’arii grabbed a rock.
He struck the back of his opponent’s head.
There was so much blood.
Mana’arii thought that he had killed the chief’s son.
He was in the state of total panic.
He decided that he would hide before taking any decision.

He talked with Hinatea to know exactly what to do.
Hinatea made up her mind. She desired to follow Mana’arii because she did not want to be married with a man she did not know, she saw this misfortune as an opportunity.

They stayed hidden in the vegetation for a couple of hours, but finally they decided that it was better to leave and to go to a different island to start a new life.
Mana’arii was sad that it could not say goodbye to anybody but he really thought that it was for the best
Later in the night, they stole an embarkation.
Mana’arii had a good knowledge of navigation.
He follow the stars to know where to go.
He knew that the birds and fishes gave the direction of the winds.
When they arrived to the nearby island, they lied about their situation.
They stayed for a while there but they were afraid that someone discovered their secret.
They wanted to try their luck on an island ran by a more welcoming clan. Once again they lied but they managed to be accepted because Mana’arii knew how to grow vegetables efficiently.
He was so successful that the chief integrated them rapidly.
People on the island were very happy with them. Mana’arii and Hinatea became an official couple.
What they did not know was that the chief’s son on their island survived.

Later in the year, they saw him arriving with his men. He had been informed by distant relatives who happened to be in the vicinity.
He was very motivated to kill Mana’arii.
Upon seeing her, He grabbed Hinatea to capture her.

When he saw that his wife was in danger, Mana’arii had to protect her.
In a fierce combat, Mana’arii defeated the chef’s son, and he killed him. The tribesmen who welcomed them helped him with the rest of the assailants.

Three year after this incident, Mana’arii and Hinatea became the parents of twins.
When they were old enough, the boys discovered that they loved to swim.
Hinatea always watched them from a distance when the boys were in the water.
When the twins were seven year old, they went to swim like usually, but during a dive, one them, while exploring the coral reef, broke his foot in a cavity because he had a cramp.
His brother tried to rescue him but both them drowned at the end.
Hinatea realised that something was totally wrong but there was nothing she could do.
The two little bodies washed ashore.
Mana’arii and Hinatea were totally devastated.
It was terrible tragedy.
Hinatea felt very guilty.
She thought that she was cursed because she went against what was predestined for her.
Mana’arii did not know how to help his wife

Even after few months, Hinatea was still inconsolable.

One morning she appeared to be suddenly better.
She looked like she had overcome the death of her children. Mana’arii thought that his wife had finally got over the grieving process.

Life could maybe start to be normal again.
In the afternoon, Hinatea went at the exact same spot where her children died.
She was happy because she had made her decision. She would join her children in heaven.
She swam where the sea was deep enough.
Hinatea attached a rock to her ankle.
She let herself drown with a smile on her face.

Mana’arii was utterly destroyed by his wife’s death.
In less than six months he had lost all his family.
This time it was too much for him.
He wanted to go back to his birth island. The goal was to try to make contact with his relatives while staying hidden somewhere in the valley. Mana’arii sailed back to his island.

At night, he would go to see his mother and grandmother discreetly.

When they first saw him they were so happy.
He explained what happened to him.
They felt sorry for him.

One week after he arrived, a massive hurricane ravaged the island.
Mana’arii had had a bad feeling about it in the days preceding.
During the torrential rains, he went to see if his family was fine. He arrived just in time to rescue his grandmother who was being carried away by the tide.
Life went full circle. It was his turn to save her.

After having seen what he had done, the elders decided it was time to forgive him.

Mana’arii restarted a new life. He married a nice woman, they had three children together.
He lived a long and happy life after that.
Mana’arii greatest joy was to swim under the waterfall.
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