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by Espero
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Experience · #2233985
Harold's brief employment as a guide
"Harold, I understand you are interested in becoming a guide here at Big Trail Adventures, is that correct?"

"Yes sir, I have lived here my entire life and know the area very well. I believe I would be a great asset to your company. I enjoyed Boy Scouts very much, especially the camping."

"I see here that you were fired from your last job? Can you elaborate more on why?"

"It was unfortunate sir, I was working as a waiter in the Green Apple Restaurant. It appears that it's not my forte; let me explain. I had a couple of trays slip out of my hand. The first time I received a warning; the second time I was fired as it landed on the guests. I did feel so horrible about it. My job attendence was impecable though."

"I see, well I can understand, it wouldn't be my forte either. Ler's give this a shot, shall we? You seem like a nice young man."

"Thank you sir, I promise I won't let you down."

"You will have to go through one day of training and we will outfit you with some appropriate gear. There will be intensive map training. When can you start?"

"Right away. The sooner the better."

"Let's say you show up here tomorrow at 10 AM."

"Perfect, see you then, I appreciate the opportunity."

Harold was jubilant, he scored a job as a Guide, something he had always wanted to do. He couldn't wait to get home and tell his parents."

"A Guide? I'm glad you finally got another job but what does this entail?"

"It's Big Trail Adventures." They take groups on treasure hunts through the woods. Maps are provided to the group. I will be there to steer them in the right direction in case they veer too far off the trail they have been given."

"You do realize the wilderness here is very vast? Are you confident that you will be able to do this?

"Absolutely, they give a map of the trail. It will be my responsibility to keep it safe. We will also have a compass."

"Ah, a compass, and you know how to read one?"

"Come on Dad, how many years did I go to Boy Scouts? Of course I can read a compass."

"If you say so son, if you say so."

Harold showed up for training right on time. Not an attentive student, his mind drifted halfway through the presentation.

"So now, staff, let's go get fitted for gear, shall we?"

Beaming with pride, Harold was all dressed in uniform, ready for his first day of work.

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