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where the new world in my mind begins
You are in danger, your child may die before she is born. There is also a chance she will take you with her. We will need to consider all options for all of you.”
The Doctor hadn’t broke eye contact with me once, now, he moved to Stew. “Even if they both live there is a chance we can not do anything for the child and she may die anyway.”
He turned back toward me “it is a freak defect condition to the heart, nothing you or your partner have or hadn’t done.” The Doctor sighed, “you have all the time and support you need or want however, if you do decide to proceed with this pregnancy, we will need to know by the end of the month” he looked down at the pile of paperwork. That will be the end of pregnancy month 7. This will give us 6 weeks to prep you and the baby for everything giving birth will entail.
If you do decide to continue with this pregnancy you will be on mandatory bed rest or confide to your home with minimum activities. The reason I said 6 weeks not 8 is because we will need those two weeks before your child is born to make sure the equipment is booked and supplies are available. As well as set it all up encase you go into early labour, we will also want to either induce you early if, we think your both cope through it or book a c-section before I has a chance to come out on my own.
I will give you all some time alone to talk” He said then looking down at the floor he left the room after slowly raising from his office chair.
I watched as he took deep breaths before walking out the door without looking back or saying another word. Strange thing to leave patients alone in a Doctor's office normally that thought would be true however Dr Marcel was a completely unique Doctor. He was handpicked by each parent and he only focused on that family for the duration of their care especially if there was even a slight complication.
“We could have another child I; we don’t have to risk you. Please I don't want to risk losing you. I cant sit here and watch you die, please, not just for one child.” Stew practically sobbed at me.
Stew Goldstein was beside himself, he huffed and sighed knowing full well if I decided I wanted this child there wasn’t a single thing he could do to stop me. I looked at him I mean really looked at him for the first time in what seemed like months. His hair was a mess, from where his strong rough hands ran through it repeatedly more and more though the pregnancy. The poor man was falling apart with bags under his eyes and a defeated look about him. The man loved me with all his heart but he never wanted a child nor was he ready for one. He had arguments with himself more and more now it seemed like all the time.
He may love me dearly but he couldn’t cope with the idea of a child let alone when the baby actual arrived. I on the other hand.
Well I wasn’t crying; I wasn’t sad or even emotional. I just sat there protectively stroking my baby bump, knowing there was nothing that would stop me having this baby as long as my heart beat rang out clear I would continue. I took one look at Stew and that’s all it took for me to realise I was slowly killing him. it was selfish of me to keep him however I knew he wouldn’t leave me unless I forced him, and so that how I gave him an out. I looked down at the promise ring he gave me at a happier and healthier time in both our lives before smiling sadly I slid it off my finger before sliding myself closer to him.
“Stew it is time babe, it's time for you to go my sweetheart. You will not need to stay to watch me die. I'm sorry I cannot do what you ask of me. I will make this easy possible for you however, now leave sweetheart our relationship is over, if you do want to meet your child one day when you're ready you will always be welcome you will always be able to find me.”
Stew jumped up more out of shock the anything else and maybe a little hurt that I picked an unborn unknown child over him and the future together. He quickly grabbed both my hands ignoring the ring. “Please I” silent tears ran down is face in what looked like floods down his cheeks. “Do not do this”.
it must have been seconds but it felt like hours before he realised, I would not be backing down from this, his face slowly became whiter and whiter as he came to the conclusion that id given myself the death sentence.
I did not correct him I just forced him to stand s I raised myself to my feet, giving him a strong tight hug. Using the opportunity to slide his ring into his back pocket. Knowing full well he wouldn’t notice until he got home. I silently glazed into is eyes still smiling faintly I leaned forward to stroke his cheek giving him one final kiss full of passion and love.
I then slowly walked stew, who was consumed in the kiss, backwards towards the door before opening it with one hand while using the other hand to gently push Stew’s chest and making him fall into the hallway from the shock. in the second it took him to realise what I had done and lift his arm to reach out towards me I had began closing the door, making sure there wasn’t a single emotion on my face while doing so.
I quickly made it back to my seat taking deep breaths just as my legs began to stop shaking from underneath my the was a loud thud. This quickly followed by another and finally a wail as if that person had just been informed of a death. I knew this was Stew mourning their relationship and my life from his view. When silence came I imagined Stew had been taken away and probably taken to check his hand over.
Not 5 minutes later Dr Marcel returned to his credit he paused for only a second then swiftly paced around to his side of the desk sitting opposite my and patiently waited.
“the pregnancy will proceed with just myself, Mr Goldstein shall not be proceeding, the only thing he will leave for my child is his surname. Everything I wish to be removed.”
As I paused, I watch the Doctor's eyes as they searched my face from when I started talking to their now diluteness that came from shook of how calm I was being and how I was showing no emotion towards anything that happened in this appointment.
Finally, he slowly nodded his head as I spoke my final piece. “I expect full support and co-operation if we are to continue together. if I for any reason, decided to use “special treatment” for my child and if there is a treatment without risk, we will do that treatment. My child will have every chance.” I made those stupid bunny ears around special treatment he knew without a doubt I meant of the otherworld origin.
While there are many doctors and people who avoid the otherworld Doctor, O Marcel had one of the reasons I chose him. He had family in the otherworld a sister who has earth powers, that, he stood loyal by and did not judge while everyone around my. including my parents, rejected my because of my powers. I could not and I would not stand humans who are judgemental. No one would stop my child being born because of said judgements.
Eventually he responded “ I fully understand however we wanted to keep an eye on you, ill wait till a week today, on Monday, then we will have a full day of meetings after the time we expect you to be on bed rest and minimal exersice and limited walking as not to excite the child in the mean time we will look into all the Human
treatment available for your child and you. in two weeks time ill have you into the hospital for treatment. Making the risk of losing the child as small as we possibly can. Now about the request involving your husband, is it all information or do you still wish him to be on the birth certificate?."
"The latter". was all I uttered, by this point Doctor Marcel seemed to be on the same page. No one would be discussing emotions, we would focus on making sure we tried everything and we were ready for my baby.
After sitting with the Doctor while he highlighted and proceeded to delete paragraphs on Stew did I rise out my chair and walk out, while thoughts and feelings were racing though my head I knew they would stay there until tonight. tonight however was going to be a very messy emotional night without any alcohol to help my through it.

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