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Ms. Baker decides to go out to take a walk.
"And remember, Ms. Baker-"

"It's Emily."

The tired man sighs, "Okay, but remember no going outside until I'm back okay?"

Emily rolled her eyes, a tabby cat rubbing up against her leg. "Fine, fine, just go already your blabbering is making me want to-"

"I get the picture." The young man hit his forehead with his palm, "Oh I can't believe I'm leaving you alone for a whole hour!"

Emily leaned against her sturdy cane and rolled her eyes once again, "I'm not alone! I have all of my cats." She gestured behind her where, at least, ten cats roamed around.

Hector sighed, his bag full of medicines in his hand, "I'll see you in a few minutes."

Emily shrugged and hobbled over to the couch, watching her home nurse leave through a window outlooking the front yard and driveway.

She watched as Hector pulled out of her driveway and drove away.

"Yes!" She clapped her hands loudly, and then stood up with the help of her cane, "This old lady is free!" She cackled gleefully.

"Hopefully he didn't find my stash of cookies," She limped into the kitchen and rummaged through her cabinets.

"Oh, hello, Tigger," Emily had opened a cabinet only to find a fat orange cat sleeping, now awake.

Two of her cats, one black, the other grey and brown with only three legs, "Oh you want to go outside?"

All the cats in the vicinity purred and meowed loudly.

Emily grinned, "What a wonderful excuse to go outside. And I'll be back before Hector even sees I was gone!"

"Come kiddos," Emily said, making her way to the front door with a mischievous glimmer in her eyes. All twenty-six cats in her house followed her to the door.

She was about to open the door when it opened for her.


Hector stared down Emily, "And what were you going to do, Ms. Baker?"

"Oh your point's made, Hector," Emily grumbled, "At least let the cats out to see the outside world."

Hector sighed, "Come on," He opened the door wider, "I'll go with you."
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