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Rated: 18+ · Assignment · Crime/Gangster · #2234099
Plot - story begins
Opening line - Rebecca's senses reeled as she rushed to the basin just in time. The acid smell of vomit filled the air as she clung to the edge of the vanity, waiting for her stomach to stop turning somersaults.

Yes, she's pregnant. Her friend Jane Conway convinces her to do a test. A discussion happens re who's the daddy, what's she gonna do. DI Brian Lennon is daddy. One night stand after John Fairfax's funeral. Not decided if she will abort or keep. Can't tell Lennon because a) not sure of his reaction to being a father. b) As her boss, he would have to put her on restricted duties.

Then it's business as usual. Congrats on her promotion to acting DS. She points out that if she does her Sergeant's exam she could be moved elsewhere. Discussions re conclusion of previous case, tidying up loose ends. What has Penn been charged with? Will Briony Gibbs face charges? Minor cases being allocated.

Jess Barnes' opening - Jess covered her ears to shut out the harsh words drifting up from below. Unfortunately, Jess knew the answers to her mother's angry questions.

Goes into flash back re her father's second family. How she discovered his secret. Meeting her little brother Markie. Then goes into her decision to run away, but to say goodbye to her little step-brother first.
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