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One Halloween night.
Little children dressed in masks,
Trick or treating is their task,
On Halloween night 2005,
Real goblins and ghouls came alive.

As soon as the sun went down,
Cries were heard all over town,
Small children close their eyes,
Adults look to the darkening skies.

Children run home, eyes shut tightly,
They stand in the doorway, swaying lightly,
When the children open their eyes,
They are black as the skies.

One boy points to his crying mother's head,
She trips as she backs up, onto the bed,
He puts his hand on her neck, she tries to fight,
He whispers; "Shh" and takes a bite.

Three teenaged boys linger in the burial site,
Smashing graves to their sheer delight,
But soon the ground begins to stir violently,
Zombies rise and eat the boys silently.

Cackles fill the thunderous sky,
As witches on broomsticks fly by,
Werewolves come for their bloody feast,
As the town's population is newly decreased.

The monsters stop, the children freeze,
There is a pop, a cold harsh breeze,
There is a single woman standing there,
With two black eyes and long black hair.

This woman walks through the town,
Looking around, up and down,
And before she lets out a sigh,
A couple of minutes pass by.

She sees a man cowering in fear,
She softly speaks; "Do not worry, my dear"
She strokes his cheek with her pale hand,
The man slowly, cautiously, begins to stand.

The woman kisses him on his lips,
As she does there is a lunar eclipse,
The man's flesh melts from his bones before he falls,
The woman turns and screams; "Kill Them All!"

The town crumbles to nothing as the monsters disperse,
An evil man walks to the woman and speaks, in reverse;
"Happy birthday, my bloodthirsty queen"
The woman replies; "Happy Halloween"
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