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Some background on the Protagonist.
Draft a profile of your protagonist. Include detailed information such as name, age, physical attributes, occupation, education, culture, religion, family, relationship status, personality, likes, dislikes, strengths, weakness, motivations and desires. Use Google Images to find an image of your character. The point of this exercise is for you to get to know your character inside and out before you write your novel. If you don't know your character, how can you expect it of your readers? Flesh out your pre-story character in detail. Keep in mind that your protagonist will grow in some way during your story. For more serious character profilers, here is are two optional, very extensive templates: "Character Interview / Profile Sheet" and "(Another, Very) In-Depth Character Profile" . Also, here is a "Traits List" to draw from.

Fifty Four Year Old Prudence Sternwood is Ultimate Beneficial Owner of PD Sternwood Financial Solutions with her husband Donald. Prudence is the Chief Executive Officer. Her husband Donald(Donnie as she calls him) is head of of Investments.

The firms head office is based in New Jersey with sub offices around the United States. They have a small global presence in Europe and Australia. The firm employees three thousand people.

Prudence works at least eighty hours a week. She always carried extra weight however this sedentary lifestyle has caught up on her, with her now morbidly obese weighing three hundred pounds. Being short in stature; standing at five foot three, she tires easily after the mildest of physical exertion. Fallen arches in her feet along with joint pain and lower back encourages her to avoid exercising. She suffers with asthma which also adds to her mobility difficulties. Going to business lunches or meeting clients is also an issue as well providing professional presentations. For eating out and meetings in other locations, her Executive Assistant must ensure that the the restaurant or meeting room is easily accessible for her.
Along with these issues she has high blood pressure and suffers with sleep apnoea.

Prudence Buchanon was born in 1966 she grew up in Millburn, Essex Country. She has one older sister, Rosamund whom is fifty seven. Her Parents ran a number of restaurants and a hotel between New York, New jersey and Atlantic City. This is where Prudence developed her business acumen. From a young age she was involved in the business and enjoyed the variety of it.

Her sister went off to the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, an exclusive hospitality institution in Switzerland. Today Rosamund runs the family business which has expanded to included a selection of boutique guesthouses and hotels. This is supported by investment from PD Sternwood Financial Solutions.

In 1983 at aged seventeen Prudence was awarded a scholarship with Bear Stearns bank in New York. Here with the bank she completed a masters in Actuarial Science with the University of New York, which was followed by a major in management and then a fellowship in Directorship. From a young age working long hours became a part of her life.

In 1985 she got her first Supervisor promotion and six months later promoted to manager. In 1990 she was now a senior manager in the bank. 1993 Donald Sternwood started working in Bear Stearns as a senior investment Manager. Donald and Prudence quickly built up a good business relationship. In 1997 at the age of 31 Prudence is promoted to the board of directors. In 1998 Donald leaves the bank to take up a new role. A short while later Prudence and Donald start dating.

In 2001 at 35 Donald and Prudence wed and so she became Prudence Sternwood. In 2003 she gave birth to her daughter and only child Arabelle.

In 2006 Prudence left her role at Bear Stearns to set up a business with her husband Donald and so PS Sternwood Financial Solutions was born.

Her weakness is her inability to control her worklife balance. Working long hours, poor diet and lack of exercise has taken its toll on her body.

She would like Arabelle to show an interest in the business but she's none. The long hours her parents work is off putting as well as seeing the effects on her mothers physical condition. Arabelle is going to go to Cornell to study veterinary medicine. Arabelle is dating a high school friend Zach Zimmermann. Prudence doesn't approve, she would rather she concentrated on her studies. This causes a lot of friction between them.

Her strength is her business acumen and her leadership skills. The business motivates her as it continues to grow, however she worries that she may not have the energy to be part of its growth. Despite her vast wealth and success as a businesswoman she struggles to turn her physical condition around.

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