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A printable form of currency is revolutionizing the world's economy and global markets!
Alternative currency is missing something. Something unimaginably simple, incredibly useful in many ways and yet nobody has thought of it yet before I had created them myself.

Hi! I'm, Julius the Jules, the founder and creator of the world's first currency that is designed to be printed out right from home. You may say to yourself, "How could printable currency possibly be useful?!" Go ahead, ask yourself out loud, "How could printable currency possibly be useful???" That's a good question and I'm glad you asked. Printable currency is useless without a way to make them worth exchanging. Currency is generally anything that is agreed upon as an acceptable way to pay for goods and services. I will tell you why my currency, Juleokin Dollars, are the future of currency.

Juleokin Dollars come in three different credits (price-ranges):

$ = $1, $2, and $5
$$ = $10, $20, and $50
$$$ = $100

See how the credits relate to the different price-ranges of the U.S. Dollar? But there is a reason you should use this system over real legal tender (cash). The different credits are collective in value, because a single '$' could be used in place of any of the single digit dollars: $1, $2, and $5. Juleokin Dollars simplify the process of payment. But ask yourself out loud, "But what can we possibly use them for???" That's also a good question. Thank you for asking!

Think of how you exchange Kohls Cash at a Kohls store. Think of tickets at an arcade. Think of vouchers for concessions such as food & drink, or for activities such as a round of bowling or a game of pool. Think of how you can save you and your customers money by giving them Juleokin Dollars in exchange for real cash. If you want to think of it in layman's terms, Juleokin Dollars can become a universally accepted form of payment rather than having to make separate forms of payment and credit. You should ask yourself out loud, "How can we possibly use Juleokin Dollars as a universal form of payment and credit? Thank you for asking! You ask the best questions.

Instead of having to keep up with tickets, vouchers, cash and even raffles or credit, you can simply use Juleokin Dollars in-place of every single one of these forms of payment, thus unifying them into one monetary system!

Click the link below to download the Juleokin Dollars PDF file (printable file of the Juleokin Dollars printable currency).

Download Juleokin Dollars printable file  
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