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Rated: E · Assignment · Family · #2234303
6th of October Challenge
(1) Describe your protagonist's life in the beginning (""Ordinary World"" or ""Stasis"") of the story. Brainstorm ways you could establish normality through action and dialog to avoid boring your reader.
(2) Describe the inciting incident or trigger (""Call to Adventure"") that prompts your protagonist(s) to embark on this story's journey (whether literal or metaphorical) and face the conflict. This incident could be large and obvious like a death or disaster, or it could be seemingly insignificant, such as an offhand comment by another character.

It's 9.30PM and Prudence Sternwood is in her office working. Late nights in the office is a norm for her. She drives home, is followed into her avenue, accosted there, forced into her home, where she is forced to open the family safe where jewels and cash are robbed. Her house is ransacked. Meanwhile the criminals wait for her daughter to return and when she does she's kidnapped. Prudence is tied and gagged. With her asthma and sleep apnoea she falls in and out of conscience.

Her husband Donald is getting a late flight home from Business in LAX. When he returns he finds the house ransacked and calls the police.

Then he discovers Prudence. She comes round when she feels a respirator put around her mouth and nose and being placed on a trolley. This causes a new problem as the criminals when they told her the ransom amount warned her not to call the police. The criminals also steal Prudences Lexus.

The police can move quickly. Prudences luxury Lexus suv has satellite transponders so they locate it by working with the car company. They find it in an old industrial estate and suspect it will be used for breaking up, so they keep watch over it.

They also suspect inside assistance in PD Sternwood financial solutions as the event occurs when her husband was away on business.

She is hospitalised for a short period after the kidnapping takes place. Her physically condition causes concern for her doctor, sister and husband. As she is morbidly obese and not very mobile they fear that it will giver her a heart attack. They rather her to stay away from work and go and stay away from the house until its investigated but she refuses.

The criminals also phone looking for her. This also indicates that the gang doing it have a grudge against her.

Prudence feels guilty for her daughters kidnapping. She blames herself. Blames that she didn't cop the car behind her wasn't hers, that she didn't try and fight back and if she was in better physical shape they would have went for her and not her daughter.
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