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Screams!!! Halloween Contest Entry October 2020
Larry stared into the shadows near the hedge, one moved, he saw it. He waited for a beat, nothing, another beat, still nothing, he slipped his foot down the step.

This is a bad idea, nooo, this is good, really good. I need to get out of the house more. The doctor said. But, it’s Halloween! That’s okay, it’s okay, I’m a grown man, there is nothing to be afraid of. I have an overactive imagination, that's all. There is no such thing as ghosts, the boogeyman, or…


He stopped, one foot on a step, one foot down on the next step, blood pounding in his ears, his knees barely holding him up, as he stared into the night.

It’s just a kid screaming, nothing to be afraid of. It’s Halloween. Kids scream, they even scream when it’s not Halloween, they like to scream. Everything’s okay. There’s no such thing as witches, vampires, and…


It’s nothing! Just a screen door. That's all. The neighbors down a ways. They should really oil it. I don’t have far to go, it’s okay, really okay. There are no monsters, nothing that goes bump in the night, no…

Larry wiped his sweaty palms on his pants. Unable to hear much above the pounding in his chest he crept across the street.


What was that! Nothing, nothing. It’s just my imagination. There is nothing there. It’s okay, it’s okay. It’s not even very dark, a nice full moon to light the way. Everything’s okay. There are no werewolves or even regular wolves in the city.

Larry shuffled forward, scanning every doorway, searching every shadow, goosebumps traveling down his arms.


Oh my God! Oh my God! There’s the door, run, I’m here. Run. Hurry. Knock, ahhh….
“Oh, my goodness, what happened?!”

“I don’t know Mommy, we opened the door and yelled ‘BOO!’ and he made this funny noise and fell down.”

“Ummm, okay, why don’t you kids go inside and get Aunt Mary for me.”

Moments later Mary hurried to the door, “Anne what…”

“It’s Larry from across the street. He said he was terrified of being outside at night, especially on Halloween. His doctor told him he needed to face his fears so I convinced him to come over for the party tonight. It’s a kid’s party, how scary can that be? Our cute little zombies answered the door with a ‘Boo!’. Mary, he’s dead.”

Mary knelt beside Anne, “His face! What the…”

“I know, it looks like he was literally scared to death!”

Word count = 401

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