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Rated: 18+ · Assignment · Crime/Gangster · #2234312
Day 8 assignment
Jess arrives at Steph's, sees Lionman hammering on the door. Sneaks up to window, sees him batter her to death. Hides until he leaves. Finds Markie in the wardrobe. They run. Hide in disused flat. Jess starts 999 call, tells of murder but phone dies.

Rebecca et al called to murder scene. Find urine in wardrobe. Realise child witnessed murder. Start search for missing child.

Jess hears noise in another room. Scared. Finds Zain and Rosarita Ibrahim. They tell how parents died in truck. They ran and hid. Lionman wants them dead. Not sure what parents died from.

Police find parents' bodies. Know from photos that there are kids missing. Rough ID on SUV. seen in area. This matches vehicle at Steph's murder. Realise a tie. Connor eventually breaks and tells of relationship to Steph. Rebecca wonders if Markie with Jess.

Jess sees Lionman's SUV in area and decides to move. Not sure where to yet. What if she gets caught stealing food? What if Rosarita ill? What if Lionman's crew start arguing with him?

Jess borrows someone's mobile. Leaves message on Connor's phone. Gives some info but then cut short. Eventually gets own phone charged, sends photos to Connor identifying Lionman, showing kids, showing where they are.
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