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by zaq
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Have you ever looked at everything and just, wondered?

What is it?

If art is anything made as display or portrayal of a perspective with a deliberate statement behind it. Being said, does that make even a pebble or rock art, and if that were to be true does that gives them purpose, so every being, no matter how small nor tall, has a purpose.

That everything happening must happen, and everything existing must exist, and if it doesn't would that affect everything?

That every choice, accomplishment, or mistake, must be made.

Everything created and manifested, ruined or destroyed, must happen, and without decisions would our very being cease to go on?

If life is to go on no matter the circumstances, why do anything? Why not everything?

What makes the individual exist? What makes legs step forward when we tell them to or who tells oxygen to flow within our bloodstream when we inhale.

Who is to say we exist in the first place, how do I know that I exist, who told me to exist?

What is the meaning of it all? The very thought of existence may be a figment, yet I’m so sure it’s not, but why?

Who drives my inner being, who makes me wake up in the morning?

Is it all just a dream? Does time exist?

The question behind it all is what makes it all exist,

That is Existence.
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