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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Horror/Scary · #2234344
A truly frightening new monster.
Known as simply "It," worldwide,
There is nowhere that you can hide,
In the dead of night or the light of day,
It's horrific, angry, and coming your way.

It takes great pleasure in causing you pain,
It's favourite food is fresh human brain,
Forget claws, forget fangs, this beast has them all,
It is furry, gooey and was last a foot tall.

With rows of teeth and terrible breath,
Looking at It can scare you to death,
It gets to pick how you are going to die,
Will It kill quickly or make you beg and cry?

It can cut you in half and make you live through the pain,
It can put you back together and do it again,
It can lock all windows, all doors, all means of escape,
It can vary in size, looks, smell and shape.

You'll be eating and the food will bite back,
Watching a television? With one loud crack,
A movie killer who isn't finished with crime,
Will be standing there, so have a nice time.

It can change into anything, whatever you fear,
It gives no warning, will just suddenly appear,
It doesn't take any breaks or have a weakness,
All of this only adds to It's uniqueness.

It can give you a new illness or any disease,
And can change how many you have with ease,
It can change the symptoms and you'll change too,
It can teleport you anywhere if It wants to.

When It's not in town, can send any creature, day or night,
It can control them to either torture or eat you, bite by bite,
It can force you to take your own life or mess with your brain,
This is how It really gets to you, by causing you to go insane.

You've heard of Werewolves and the rest,
This is the newest addition, It is the best,
From town to town, It travels to make people scream,
Let me warn you, It doesn't only visit on Halloween.

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