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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Holiday · #2234349
A Halloween Party!

There is always one every Halloween.

The woman that dresses as the sexy devil; wearing either a short skirt barely covering her body parts, leather hot pants or some variation of the two. The woman this year had gone for the frilly skirt with high-heeled, black ankle boots and fishnet stockings.

She heads out to her party, her tight, black top nothing more than a leather push-up bra with glitter. Her black hair travels down her back to her hips and sparkles as she moves. Her lips shine with pink lip-gloss, and her big green eyes are framed with long eyelashes.

She looks beautiful, and when she enters, half of the males stare at her, regardless if they are single or otherwise. She sits at the bar as the D.J. plays JLS' "Beat Again".

She looks around the party; two balls frantically rotate above the massive dance floor, creating a mix of different coloured lights. The walls are decorated with various Halloween decorations. The venue is on two levels, the top of which hosts a bar, looking out over the dance floor which spans two thirds of the bottom level.

The D.J. has his decks on the second level, opposite the bar. Beneath where the bar sits, on the lower level, two wide double doors are the only visible entrance and exit for the guests, though behind the bar there is a small door leading to a back room. There is a crowded dance floor with people dressed as various Halloween monsters. Around the outside of the floor are tables and chairs, the tablecloths are orange and the chairs are black.

The bartender sets up four Tequila shots for the woman as she turns back towards him. He then smiles and says, "It's a good one tonight eh, Julia?"

The woman raises her glass; she talks with a bold, strong voice with the slightest tint of a strange accent, "Sure is, Charlie."

She downs all four shots, one right after the other and when she slams the last glass down, Julia laughs and winks at the bartender. As she heads to the dance floor, Charlie shouts after her, "Have fun!"

Julia grins and turns around before shouting, "Don't I always?"

She smiles, waving at the D.J. As soon as she sets foot on the dance floor, the Black Eyed Peas boom through the party with "I Gotta Feeling" and the crowd goes wild for the track.

Two of her friends, twins, are dressed as vampires. They lead two men up to Julia and introduce them. Then, one twin asks, in a bubbly voice, "Hey Julia, can we use the back?"

Julia smiles at the pair and laughs; "Sure, just don't make a mess, okay?"

"Sure, Julia."

The twins lead their dates to the back.

As the song ends, Julia spots a man who is on the other side of the floor, dressed like an angel, glitter in his hair with two wings styled on the back of his white top and he also wears a pair of white jeans. He has bright blue eyes and blond hair.

He smiles at her as she tilts her head, bites her lip and quietly says to herself, "Hm..."

Once more, she glances to the D.J. and David Guetta blasts through the speakers with "Sexy Bitch".

As the first lyric is sung, Julia walks towards him as he looks her up and down and they both smile as they come face to face.

"Trick or treat?" He whispers in her ear.

She smiles at this, revealing a mouth full of white teeth.

They dirty dance to the song, there is rarely a moment when their bodies aren't pressed together or when Julia isn't smiling. As the song comes to an end, the man twirls Julia under her arm and she laughs.

He asks her, "What's your name, baby?"

"Julia and what is yours?"


Julia sees the twin's wave at her; they don't have their dates with them. "Follow me, Freddy."

She takes his hand and leads him through the crowd.

The D.J. spins the next track, Red Hot Chili Peppers with "Suck My Kiss" as the couple head to the back.

In the middle of the back room there is a simple bed, moonlight seeps through the only window and music pumps through the walls.

They kiss on the bed; she climbs on top of him, kissing his neck.

Julia pins his wrists down as she kisses his torso; she stops as she gets to his trousers.

She looks up at him and asks, "Trick or treat?"

He screams as she plunges her teeth into his stomach; the music drowns out his screams.

Julia looks up with purely black eyes, smirks and says, blood dripping down her chin, "You get the trick and I get the treat."

She chortles, licks her lips and delves into her feast once more, claws growing from her fingernails.

After 40 minutes, Julia rolls onto her back and laughs manically, before wiping the blood from her face using the bed sheet. All that remains of the man is his clothes. His blood is still on the sheets, just sitting on top, not being soaked in or spilling on the floor. In a dark corner of the room, a big pile of bones lay, some have flesh dripping off them.

She composes herself, her black eyes change back to her green mortal eyes and her fangs sink back into her teeth. Finally, her claws shrink back into her fingernails.

The twins are stood in the doorway; Julia nods as she leaves the room. The two clean up after her, bottling the blood and taking away the man's clothes.

She walks back into the party, looking the same as when she had left it.

She licks the last of the blood from her lips.

Julia heads back to the bar, and says to the bartender, "Such a shame, y'know."

"You killed him right?"

"I was hungry. Plus," Julia strokes him under his chin, smirking, "You're the only bloke for me."

"You'd starve to death, if you could, if that were the case. I only date humans, or mortals, whatever you call them."

"You just smile and serve people, Charlie, and you won't join them in death."

"Yes ma'am."

"I like this Halloween you mortals have, people think that we are just in costumes. I am walking around in this outfit but they just see a costume."

She whispers; "They don't know we're real, and Halloween is the only time I can get all different species together in one place. What is the count?"

"We have 50 ready."

Julia looks around the club, "I see. Fifteen is a good number."

"It should pick up."

Julia leaves and is about to walk over to the dance floor when a man dressed as a werewolf comes up to her;


"What is it Tom?"

His eyes turn pure black, "I brought this sweet little thing with me, she's over at the bar, is anyone feasting?"

Julia looks over to where a blonde woman waves at her, she smiles and waves back, "The twins are cleaning up, why don't you use the alley?"

"Good thinking, less cleaning up."

"Clean up your own mess, the twins are busy tonight."

He smiles at his date as his eyes turn back to brown mortal eyes, he then walks over to her and whispers in her ear, they disappear.

Julia waves to the D.J.; he nods and plays Shakira's "She Wolf".

She dances in the middle of the crowded dance floor.

A man pushes against her back and whispers in her ear as he rocks with her, "Trick or treat?"

She grins before turning around, smiling at him. Julia whispers in his ear. "I'll go get some drinks."

Walking over to the bar, she sees that at least a hundred more people have entered the club.

One of the muscle-bound, six foot tall bouncers are waiting for her. Julia turns her head and sees his partner still on the door. Julia greets him, patting his shoulder, as the next track, Toploader's "Dancing In The Moonlight" blasts through the party.

"How are we doing tonight, Lucas?"

"Yeah Julia, give it..."

The bouncer looks at his twin brother, linking eyes with him, "Ten minutes."

"How is Charlie treating you?"

"Like he's scared of me."

Julia laughs and Lucas joins in, "Alright Lucas, you know what to do."

Lucas nods and downs his beer before returning to the door.

Julia slams her hand on the bar and Charlie sets up another four shots of Tequila for her. Once more, she downs them one after the other.

She looks to the massive clock which hangs above the door, below the massive window which covers the entire room in moonlight. The clock's hands are made to look like spikes, and it has no case. The numbers are carved into the clock and shine gold.

It reads half-eleven.

Julia grabs two drinks and takes them back to the man on the dance floor, who is dressed as a Zombie, with an expensive suit ruined by fake blood and dirt. He has ripped at the suit to make it look bedraggled, and wears it off his shoulder. He has bloodshot eyes and dirt on his face, with ruffled hair. He speaks with a soft voice, but there is no ignoring his Texan accent. Julia seems impressed by his outfit as she studies him, handing him a bottle of Heineken, "You really go all the way, huh?"

The man smiles at her, presses his body against hers and once again whispers in her ear, rocking slightly, "Want to come into the back of my car and find out just how far I can go?"

"Hm..." She licks her lips and blinks before looking at the clock, which now reads twenty to twelve, "I have to make an announcement. I'll be right back."

Julia vanishes, only to reappear on the DJ platform as the song ends. She nods at the bouncers and they shut the door before standing in front of it, arms crossed, still as statues.

Julia puts one leg on the high golden railing that runs around both the bar and the .D.J. platforms. The partygoers gasp as the width of this railing is hardly enough to be able to stand on.

The woman then effortlessly uses her leg to push herself up on the railing, standing on it without wobbling.

She stands with her legs shoulder width apart and holds a microphone in her left hand. She looks onto the crowd below her and flicks the microphone to 'On'.

She whispers into the equipment, just loud enough to be able to hear her, even above the gasps from below her, "Welcome to my party, all of you. Are you enjoying yourselves?"

There is a massive roar of agreement from the crowd as Julia smirks, "Good, I trust you have also been enjoying the free bar."

Another massive roar, this time people raise their drinks, "Good, you have William Sty to thank as it's on him." Julia points to the man dressed as a zombie, his face turns into a mix of confusion and anger, he shouts, "What?" but the massive cheer from the crowd drowns him out.

Julia continues speaking, "I am glad you have enjoyed this party. But now..."

She tosses the microphone down on the floor of the platform and as she continues to speak she talks at the same volume as she did with the amplifier, "I'm afraid..."

Half of the crowd are staring at the others, who continue to watch Julia, and are giggling with excitement, "We have to leave. But not before one last song."

Julia crouches on the railing, putting a hand on the railing in the middle of her legs as the decks behind her blast at full pelt with 'Monster Mash' by Bobby "Boris" Pickett.

The woman smiles as two glistening, white fangs grow from her canine teeth and her mouth widens to accommodate the change. Two black horns sprout from her head in a spiraling motion. The black around her pupils reach to the corner of her eyes and multiply before engulfing the green pupil until her eyes are purely black. Julia gives a terrifying laugh as she stands there, three inch claws growing from her fingernails. Finally, her tail becomes animated, flicking in the air behind her.

Tom, and nine other men around the outside of the lower floor, give a horrific growl which causes the crowd on the dance floor to cover their ears for a split second before the growl's pitch deepens, turning into a feral roar. His whole body shakes as his shoes rip apart, paws with deadly black claws rapidly smashing them to pieces. Tom's trousers burst open with a tearing sound, the hairs on his legs rapidly multiplying, turning his legs into two powerful, muscular and furry legs. The fur crawls up their stomachs and reaches their necks. Two paws, again with the deadly claws appear where their hands once were.

The men fall onto the ground, on all fours, as their skin bursts from their bodies and is replaced by tough black skin. Tom's fur is a dark shade of red, and he howls as his face reshapes itself, giving him a long canine nose, two sets of pin-sharp fangs and two gleaming red eyes. His ears transform into two big, red canine ears and move to the top of his head. The nine other wolves are jet black. When this transformation is complete, the ten wolves go through the crowd, rounding up a third of the party-goers into a circle in the middle of the dance floor. The wolves vary in size; the nine black wolves are four feet tall on all fours, whereas Tom is six foot when on all fours.

William evades a wolf and makes a break for the door, heading towards the two bouncers. Julia watches him as he does this, grinning.

The bouncers fall onto all fours, there is a growl like the wolves but deeper, more threatening, erupting from their throats. William hesitates but then decides to make a run for the door.

In mid-air, the two bouncers transform into two black dogs, each with three heads hosting a mouth and a set of angry eyes each. The dogs snarl at William and he backs up.

Julia laughs as she leaps from the platform, and two massive, leathery, bat like wings sprout from her shoulder blades, catching the wind. She flies around the room before landing in front of William -between the two dogs. The wings vanish.

Julia smirks and says in her strong and bold voice, "Leaving so soon, William?"

The vampire twins -their fangs now not made of plastic; look at William with their red pupils. One of them states, "Julia, we're hungry."

Julia looks around the room and then to the circle of terrified humans, "Leave William for me, you can feast."

Julia looks at the D.J. once again and he plays Marilyn Manson's 'This is Halloween'.

The frightening song echoes the activities going on around William and Julia. The two guard dogs suddenly ran away and were now fighting over a man -pulling his head and legs opposite ways, snarling at each other to let him go. The black wolves had let all but nine of the prisoners out of the circle and each leapt onto a victim, ripping through their flesh with the claws before devouring their innards viciously.

The vampires are all drinking blood from the reserve that was kept in the back room -occasionally they would grab a passerby and share them out in a pass the parcel type game.

Most of the screaming was coming from the witch's corner of the room, where a giant cauldron sat, the liquid inside was bubbling furiously. When one passed them by, the selected witch would chuck them in the pot and try to score the best for the end result.

Tom was busy simply stamping on heads of people he didn't like the look of before tossing them to the witches.

The vampire twins, who didn't care for 'pass the human', as the vampires liked to call it, were simply having a drinking contest, seeing which of them could suck all of a human's blood out the quickest.

The two ghosts were keeping a tally of how many mortals they could scare to death first try and then would compare results when the party was over. They got a bonus point if the mortal thought they needed to repent, or prayed.

William's face was drained of color as he turned from these sights to face the demon standing between him and his exit.

Julia's tail wrapped around the man's throat, lifting him off the ground. She searched his pockets until she had emptied them and chucked his wallet and car keys onto the bar where Charlie stood, nervously shaking. Julia shouted at him, "It's a little present for being such a good boy, Charlie."

She then turned towards William with a smirk on her face, "You wanted to be a zombie, right?"

Julia lifted her hand, flat palmed with her fingers spread out, to William's right arm. She stared into his lifeless eyes, "Very well."

There was a horrendous crunch mixed with a fierce snap as she rapidly tore his arm off. He shouted in pain.

Julia unwrapped her tail from his throat and hovered on the air, so she was eye level with him. She took a bite out of his arm and he wept in pain.

Her eyes turned darker as William's head spun one hundred and eighty degrees, Julia whispered, "Trick or treat. This is how zombies are made."

William's head caved slightly as she sunk her teeth into his brain. She bit down, her black eyes glowing in the moonlight.

She unclamped her mouth and let him fall onto the floor.

After a few minutes, William grumbled, standing up. His blood had stopped flowing.

Julia said, pushing him towards the throng of chaos, "Welcome to the family."

She watched as he stumbled off, biting people but turning none.

Julia sat on one of the chairs and took another bite of William's arm as the music faded.

There is always one every Halloween.


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