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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Dark · #2234351
Just a little girl
I sit here, in the corner,
while adults are talking,
my hair is in pigtails,
I'm wearing a frilly dress,
I'm an innocent child,
as sweet as can be.

Aunts squeeze my cheeks,
"What a cute little girl"

I stare at the wall,
my arms neatly on my lap.

I'm on my best behaviour.
I promised my parents.

Strangers compliment me,
"She's a very good girl"

I smile sweetly,
acting innocent,
but I do not play,
I only sit here.
Lost in my thoughts,
not little girl thoughts.

I do not dream of ribbons,
but of bloody death.

I stare straight ahead,
not bothering to talk.

No one ever listens to me,
they hear what they want.

I'm just a little girl,
no one suspects a thing.

How could this child,
who is so good,
do anything other,
than what she's told?
I'm just a child,
a little girl, after all.

I stare at nothing,
my eyes are blank.

I'm not really looking,
I'm just thinking.

I think these thoughts.

I like thinking these things.

What they don't know,
Won't hurt them.

I smile sweetly as they look at me.

What they don't know,
Won't kill them.



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