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Divorce has been hard on my kids. Forced to choose mom or dad & I didn't stand a chance.
It's been seven hundred and thirty days
Since I've seen your face
Since I held your hand
Since you helped me understand

That life is short
And the true value of a day
When it's lost to time
My Everest to climb

I held on tight
But still, you slipped away
And I'm to blame
It's my shame

I was left behind
I didn't want to hold you back
So I set you free...
Despite me

Did it have to be this way?
As I mark another day
Maybe one day you'll see
Maybe one day I'll be free

Stop counting the regrets
And break the cycle that's set
On a brand new day
That will take my pain away

I know you had to choose
And someone had to lose
But still...I sit and wait for you
What else can I do?

Another day passes by
Another day not by your side
Will it be another year?
Or my worst fear?

Dreams have turned to dust
And tears cause my heart to rust
It's only love I can trust
To bring you back to me

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