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Rated: 13+ · Assignment · Mystery · #2234428
Manicotti and Murder - the climax scene
A list of “what if(s).”
What if Gary kills Ralf and Antonio? Bad idea. Antonio needs to be the “hero” somehow. The question is, if Ralf gets killed, can Antonio still really be the hero? He can, because he will help Betty and save the amusement park, which employs a lot of people, plus the people who are employed at the food stands.
OH -I think Rita doesn’t just start offering information to Ralf. I think Ralf confides in her about the failing park. Maybe she still has something for Gary, so she asks him what’s going on and how the park could be failing – and he’s drunk that night and tells her how he feels about Betty – he hates her and doesn’t care what happens to her or the park. He hates getting called a “carnie,” and doesn’t want anything to do with the park. He’s adamant about that. So that’s how Ralf finds out. Of course he tells Antonio and Antonio wants to get involved and uncover what is going on. He is looking out for all of the employees of the park and the concession stands.
Maybe Antonio knows Gary is looking to kill him next. He does. He knows his life is in danger. When Gary comes for him, though, he is ready. It is at closing time at the park. But how does it go down? Antonio must have the police there. Being an upstanding member of the business community, Antonio would have friends on the police force.
So, the police are there. Antonio has evidence, but what evidence does he have? Does Rita wear a wire in a conversation with Gary? Does Gary kill Rita first? He tries once, of course, by having her run over by a car…. But she is not as drunk as the driver thought and gets out of the way with only minor injuries.
Maybe Rita is not dead, and she alerts the police to what is going to happen. That is why they are at the amusement park. Gary would think Rita was too scared to do anything – after all, she was the entire time they were together. So, Gary would think Rita was too scared to reveal his plan. But she already knows he killed Ralf, and she would be scared, but also angry because she really did love Ralf. She finally has hit her breaking point and cannot let it go on.
Rita calls the police, knowing tonight will be the night Gary attempts to kill Antonio (he may have also tried previously – I will have to see if/how that develops. It could be a “bad luck” situation, or a strange fire at his restaurant or the stand. But the police come to the amusement park as Antonio is walking up. Gary, finally doing his own dirty work, is waiting for Antonio. He has a gun. But he is scared. The police SWAT team comes in, disarms Gary, and the scam is revealed.
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