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A story for those who want to go fast.
Jim hopped in his car, driving ridiculously fast without a destination. He wasn't stopping for stop signs or traffic; they could blow him. He was headed wherever the road took him, he needed escape; he needed to air his head out, he drove around cars. Eventually he had to stop at a traffic light that he simply could not get around, he nearly rear ended a vehicle. It was during this brief stop, that he put the roof down, he was trying to decide whether or not to get on the highway. He decided the answer was yest, and turned his car into the turning lane, crossing two lanes of traffic, and people started blowing their horns at him, they could blow him. The arrow turned green, the cars started moving, he drove into the oncoming lane to try to get ahead of the cars that were stopped at the light, Some idiot driving an expensive white car, tried to keep up with him to keep him from getting back into the proper lane, he floored the accelerator, feeling the breeze blow through his hair, and beat out the white car, getting back in his lane before nearly running into somebody else head-on. He realized he missed the turn for the highway in his pursuit of racing, and he knew he could catch the next one. He got onto the highway, swerving, driving dangerously fast, and disregarding pedestrians. When he got on the highway, he went from driving 60 miles per hour (30 above the speed limit) to driving 100 miles per hour (forty above the speed limit) and the only reason he was driving that slow, was the wind slapping him in the face. He wondered if putting up the top would end in disaster, and just as he had this thought, he looked in his rear view mirror and saw that he had at least one police car following him. It was poetic, he would be the Bonnie and Clyde type, he would go until there wasn't any where else to go. He looked down at the speedometer and saw he was breaking 140 miles per hour, and he had half a tank of gas left. He heard the helicopter flying above him, and he was just wondering what the only way out was. He went through the only references for car chases he had; Cops, and movies, and none of that would help him. He had another near miss, and hit the gravel on the side of the road to avoid a spike strip. He didn't avoid it, he heard his tires lose air, and he slowed down considerably. Fine, he wouldn't go out like Bonnie and Clyde, but seriously they could blow him. He refused to stop, he looked down and saw he was only going 30 miles per hour, and a cop car hit him. He swerved left and hit the barrier. He heard the cop on the loud speaker warn him to get out of the car with his hands up. He had one trick left; he reached for the Uzi in the back seat, and kicked the front door open. Maybe he could still go out on his own terms.

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