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I'm need you to be self-righteous over there!
No one really likes a self-righteous prick but can't we all fall into that so easily .
You can feel their energy that I am better than you vibe.
It just makes you want to run and hide or maybe want to hit them with a brick.
You can feel it coming off a person sometimes from a mile away.
That sense that the person feels they are so much better than you.
Are we really so much better than the next man?
No not real ,saved lost ,bondman or free we aren't all that great.
Yes I do think people can be better off than you but never better than you.
Every human is lacking in some area ,no one has it altogether.
We are beautiful true but also flawed that's just as true.
So why not give the grace to all that we want to receive?
Why not give the love to all we so long for ourselves?
Because we can be selfish and can forget that we are flawed.
Sometimes pointing out others flaws makes us feel better about our own.
Sometimes we feel other can't see us in our mess.
Sometimes if others accept us in our mess we feel it's cool or we okay.
My mess is acceptable and theirs is not so it sucks to be them.
Our society defiantly is more acceptable of some sins verse others.
Definitely we are more accepting of some people than others
We will decide who to forgive and who to nail to the cross like it's our job.
Oh, Please Lord forgive me when I'm that self-righteous prick.
I don't want to throw a fit but please let us all work on not being a prick.
Self-righteous prick or any other because no one likes a prick of any kind.

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