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A parent fights back for a girl who could not.

A Home Run For A Bullied Girl

'By Shadowgate


Martin Kent pulled into the parking lot of Grant Middle School. He was pissed off that he had to drive an hour from his work place. His 13 year old son Walter was sent to the principal's office for a dress code violation.

When he checked in at the principal's office he found his son Walter sitting there.

He also saw the Principal Alice Wayne and his son's math teacher Helen Turner.

After he said "hello" to both Miss Wayne told him "we have a problem. Your son has facial hair and when Miss Turner told him he had to report to my office and he is refusing to shave."

Martin looked at his son and said "well he has sprouted a few whiskers."

Principal Wayne gave Martin a dirty look and snapped "he needs to shave."

Martin yelled back "I had to drive all the fucking way up here over this! How is this disruptive to the learning environment?"

The Assistant Principal Terry Sharp came out and said "sir this is a school and we cannot have you cursing like that."

Martin replied "excuse me but I had to drive an hour to get here over a few whiskers and I'm not happy."

The principal replied "then be mad at your son for violating the dress code we don't allow children to have facial hair."

Martin replied "what if you had facial hair?"

The school principal was disgusted and said "now look it is bad enough we have to put up with smart remarks from kids."

Martin demanded to know "why on earth did I have to come up here because my son refused to shave?"

Mrs. Turner answered "I have a substitute teacher who's been watching my class for the past two hours because your son refused to shave. He's going to be put in ISS for this."

Martin groaned and said "so even if he shaves he still gets punished?

Principal Wayne snapped "yes."

Martin said "you just do whatever you want anyhow."

Miss Turner shot back "I'm the teacher and I'll do whatever I want mister."

All of the sudden a teacher enters the principal's office and says "well I see I'm not the only one who has a trouble maker in her classroom."

Miss Turner replied "well this student refused to shave so we had to call his father up here and the father is not cooperative."

The principal asked the teacher who entered "Mrs. Door what's going on in your class?"

Mrs. Door explained "same student."

Mrs. Door went on to explain "I have my class in line in the hallway and we just got out of the library. She's standing in line screaming it's not her fault."

The Principal, VP, and Mrs. Turner all head out into the hall way along with Mrs. Door. Martin Kent and his son follow them.

The principal said "well it seems Tara Borden has been sent back to my office and this is the third time this month that she's worn a shirt with a hole in it."

Tara said "I've not been able to go shopping for new uniforms because my dad has been in the hospital all month and my mom works two jobs."

The Principal Alice Wayne said "oh blah blah I have had enough of your garbage young lady."

Martin commented "oh there's a small hole in the side of her shirt, big deal."

The principal turned around and said "you stay out of it Mister Kent."

The principal said "this is the third time this month you've been brought to my office for a dress code violation. I'm sick of hearing how you can't go shopping yourself and your daddy is in the hospital. I don't care if you're daddy just died you need to get it together and follow the dress code."

Tara broke down crying.

A PE coach walked by with two baseball bats and he along with three students were carrying baseball equipment.

Martin was still in the way when the Coach said "sir you need to move we're coming through."

Martin said "give me that bat" and he grabbed a baseball bat out of the coach's hand and he used it to knock Alice Wayne unconscious.

Martin then yelled "homerun for a bullied girl!"

All the students cheered because the principal got whacked and went flying across the hallway.

The police later charged Martin Kent with aggravated assault.


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