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Rated: 18+ · Assignment · Crime/Gangster · #2234447
Day 9 assignment/updated for day 16/day 23
1) Day one - morning - Rebecca's POV -

Opening line - Rebecca's senses reeled as she rushed to the basin just in time. The acid smell of vomit filled the air as she clung to the edge of the vanity, waiting for her stomach to stop turning somersaults.

Yes, she's pregnant. Her friend Jane Conway convinces her to do a test. A discussion happens re who's the daddy, what's she gonna do. DI Brian Lennon is daddy. One night stand after John Fairfax's funeral. Not decided if she will abort or keep. Can't tell Lennon because a) not sure of his reaction to being a father. b) As her boss, he would have to put her on restricted duties.

Then it's business as usual. Congrats on her promotion to acting DS. She points out that if she does her Sergeant's exam she could be moved elsewhere. Discussions re conclusion of previous case, tidying up loose ends. What has Penn been charged with? Will Briony Gibbs face charges? Minor cases being allocated. Need for more officers discussed. Ending with Rebecca bumping into Lennon as she rushes to the loo to throw up again.

2) Day one - evening -Leo's POV -

Start with description of area. Build up tension as gang wait for truck.

Lionman meets truck in the riverside warehouse district. 2 Adults are really sick(severe dengue fever). They are useless to his slave business so he shoots them and throws them in the river. 4 more are loaded into van driven by Symon. Argument with truck driver, Francois Le Duc, who then speeds away. He wants one of his men, Anton, to kill the kids but guy hesitates and kids take off, ducking through tight spaces. Anton, not the thinnest, gets stuck and the kids get away.

Anton argues they don't speak English. Leo points out that the police have interpreters. Leo puts the word out that he will give a reward to anyone knowing the whereabouts of the kids.


3)Jess's POV - Day One - Evening -

Jess Barnes' opening - Jess covered her ears to shut out the harsh words drifting up from below. Unfortunately, Jess knew the answers to her mother's angry questions.

Jess makes decision to run away, hoping this will unite her parents. Starts to pack.

Goes into flash back re her father's second family. How she discovered his secret. Meeting her little brother Markie.

Dad forgot his packed lunch. Jess offers to take it to him. He's called in sick. Where is he? Jess leaves early next day so she can follow him. Sees him enter house. Goes back after school and sees Markie. When Dad says he will be away on business for a couple of days she gets to Markie's first. Hears him say Dad. Checks on Dad's whereabouts several times. Meets Markie in the local park and gets to know him.

Then goes back to her decision to run away, but to say goodbye to her little step-brother first.

4) Jess's POV - Day Two - morning -

Jess arrives at Steph's, sees Lionman hammering on the door. Notes car. Sneaks up to window, sees him batter her to death. Jess takes picture of murder. Hides until he leaves. Finds Markie in the wardrobe. They run. Description of route. Hide in disused flat. Jess starts 999 call, tells of murder but phone dies. Use route Cherry Tree to home.

5) Rebecca's POV - Day Two - Late morning -

Hears 999 call was made by kid - cut off.

Rebecca called to Steph Cole's murder and begins investigation. (Lennon dealing with personal matter). Throws up at murder scene. Vanessa Green attends. Suspects pregnancy. Realises there is a missing child from pee stain in cupboard. Believes child is witness. Neighbours tell she owes money but won't name names. One boy gives description of car.

Day Two -Afternoon - Rebecca's POV

Tambara (Known as Tam) Bakare (new cop) reports missing teen. She is suspicious dad is hiding something. Rebecca dismisses, too busy.

Discussion re loan shark. Julie lists possible targets, including Lionman , then starts looking at cars. Tam butts in that she knew him in London, nasty bit of work. Tells how he has no address, sleep at women's homes, brothels, gang members' homes etc. Why he's hard to find. Relates previous crimes.

Side story - Jane signs up with dating sight. Rebecca leaves early for doctor's appointment. Doctor's office.

6) Jess's POV - Day Two -

Jess hides with Markie in boarded up flat. Hears noise. Finds Zain and Rosarita. Mix Arabic/French/English/sign. Gets the gist of what happened to parents and the people who did it. Both Markie and the kids refer to him as Lionman. SUV mentioned by all. Rosarita crying for Mummy.

7)Rebecca's POV - Day Two - Evening -

Rebecca gets case of dead parents. Called while at doctor's. Lennon already on scene when she arrives. Questions why her phone was off. Believes children may have been with them, because of photos in Karim's wallet. Consult with HQ re slave trade in the area. Links with Lionman. Tam consulted. Armed response put on standby.

8) Jess's POV - Day Three - morning -

Jess steals food, gets caught but manages to escape. Kids rummage bins for food. Caught on camera.

9) Rebecca's POV - Day Three -

Tam keeps Rebecca informed.

More personal stuff re pregnancy. References to previous case and having to testify.

Rebecca with ME(Vanessa questions re pregnancy) and then forensics guy. Finds out the parents had Dengue Fever. Asks if communicable. Hears about sightings of Jess. Report of SUV seen at Steph murder scene from another (passing) witness following news report.

10) Jess's POV - Day Three -

Jess sees SUV and they decide to move. Hide in offices above warehouse. Borrows mobile from stranger, leaves message for Connor.

11) Leonid's POV - Day Three - Evening -

Leo meets with his gang in the rear of the nightclub, once owned by Sylvester Jones.

Lionman argues with his gang. Shoots one of them.(Bogdan) Kids still not found. Discussion about slaves in lock-up need to be fed and watered. Mention of Leo spending night at brothel.

12) Rebecca's POV - Day Three - Evening -

Gunshots reported. Armed response to address. Lionman gone. Rebecca called in to solve that murder. Known link to Lionman. First meet with Lennie Goode. He invites her for a drink and she says no.

13) Connor's POV - Day Three -

Connor admits to second family, after some arguing, passes on message to police.

14) Rebecca's POV - Day Four - morning -

Another throw up and discussion with Jane. Jane tells how anonymous date turns out to be Benny.

Rebecca organises police presence at meeting with Connor. Meets armed response guy again, who begins to pester her.

15) Jess's POV - Day four - morning -

Rosarita ill. Jess misses meet with Connor. She fears kid could have what her parents had.

16) Rebecca's POV - Day Four - afternoon -

Rebecca hears from Tambara that the four kids might be together. Who are they? Why are they together? Link = Lionman.

Long discussion with Jane re keep or abort.

17) Leonid's POV - Day four - afternoon/evening -

Lionman's search for kids. Plot route etc. Arguments with informants.

18) Jess's POV - Day four - afternoon -

Jess leaves Rosarita at A&E. Police informed of unaccompanied child.

19) Lionman's POV - Day four - evening -

Informant tells Lionman the kids are at the hospital. One of Lionman's guys tries to harm Rosarita. Police guard.

Tam's night out.

20) Rebecca's POV - Day Five - morning -

Rebecca at hospital with Lennon. Nurse from doctor's practice recognises Rebecca.

Through translator, Rebecca gets Rosarita's story.

21) Jess's POV - Day five - morning -

Jess gets her phone charged by shop keeper. Sends photos to Connor.

22) Rebecca's POV - Day five - late morning -

Rebecca throwing up again. Told Connor wants to see her.

Connor shows photos to Rebecca, including murder shot. Also one of four kids. One of warehouse where they are hiding.

Rebecca goes back to station and tries to identify warehouse, Lionman.

23) Lionman POV - day five - afternoon -

He has discovered where the kids are and goes there to kill them. Chase through buildings and across roofs.

POV changes to Jess -

Trying to keep kids safe. The chase from her point of view.

POV changes to Rebecca -

Arrives with armed response. Two of lionman's gang killed. He gets away in SUV. Goode tries to stop him and has to jump out of the way. Rebecca checks his wellbeing and he misreads. Lennon revs up and the two take off in pursuit.

24) Rebecca's POV - same -

Car chase with Lennon. Plan route. To include Precinct which has wall at the end.

25) Tam's POV - same -

Children taken to safety and interviewed. Zain fills in gaps.


26) Rebecca's POV - same -

Lionman crashes and goes up in flames. Rebecca has some pain but hides it from Lennon.

Call from Tam, worry about other four refugees. Back to station. Rebecca points out that Lionman is a slave trader. There could be people locked up and starving. Interview with remaining gang member. Rush to save them.

27) Rebecca's POV - same

Interview with Symon re other four. Lennon leads.

Rebecca faints. Goes to hospital. See secrets.

28) Jess's POV - Day six - morning -

Connor and Alice agree to Markie coming to live with them. Jess argues for Zain and Rosarita to come too. Discussions with social workers. Plans to clear Steph's house discussed with her family.

29) Rebecca's POV - Day six - morning -

Tying up loose ends. Interviews. Putting the case together. Video interviews with children. Referring them for psychological help. Talking to social workers.

30) Rebecca's POV - Day six - evening -

Rebecca and Brian solve the baby thing. Where are they going to live? Rebecca wants them to date for a while rather than rush into things. Brian fusses about taking it easy, vitamins, birth plans etc.

Next morning Rebecca is on desk duty and champing at the bit to get involved in more cases. Lead in to next book.... Final line "Help me, I'm dead."

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