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A blueprint for a chance at success...whatever that is.
Most of the problems we face are not problems at all when looked upon with a good attitude.

They are just challenges that must be met.

With a bad attitude, we envision all manner of negativity and are virtually defeated before we even begin.

We whine and gripe and complain about it to others, looking for sympathy or a helping hand.

If not for a bad attitude, by this time we would have already begun the task...or even have it completed.

There will always be challenges, so accepting this can be made a lot easier by having a good attitude.

If two people with the same skillset and tools are facing the exact same challenge...

One has a good attitude, and one has a bad attitude, we know who is more likely to succeed.

Attitudes change the reality of the task, making it either easier or harder to complete.

Our attitude can change the world, but the world should not change our attitude...unless we want it to.

A bad attitude can easily go from bad to worse...a good attitude can easily go from good to awesome.

What happens to us from day to day is, by and large, out of our control.

But how we deal with the challenges life throws at us, is well within our control.

Yet many think the opposite is so, and go about trying to control that which they cannot.

Becoming disappointed when things do not work out as they had hoped or planned.

Although we do our best to plan ahead in life, we must also accept that these plans, for whatever reason, could fail.

To increase the chance of success, we must anticipate this and have alternate plans at the ready, to be put in place if or when they are required.

Insurance can provide a degree of security and comfort, although the chances of having to make a claim are low. So, consideration must be given to all alternate options and their costings, so you are as prepared as you can be in the event of unforeseen circumstances occurring.

If it is a large investment such as a home, of course, this is not a gamble anyone with common sense would take, and your mortgage lender will insist on insurance to cover losses incurred by accident, fire, or natural disaster.

Otherwise, it is a case of risk vs outlay for the cost of the premium vs replacement costs in total.

So, to be successful, it pays to have a good attitude...taking into account the chance of loss or possible failure, and have plans at the ready to counter bad luck, bad planning, or unforeseen circumstances should they come your way...and more importantly...never give up.

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