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What's your word worth? Value placed upon one's own shows integrity & depth of character.
“I promise to never let you down”
On any turn or any round
Promises are made but they don't keep
Now dreams have died and so we weep

A promise is a promise a wise man once said
He knew his chances and now he's dead
He promised the world but did not linger
I have more truth in my little finger

Why make a promise...why bother to speak
Integrity's not just a word, it's a paddle up the creek
Keeping all who know us in the light
A promise is the line between black and white

Yet we live in a place that's painted grey
And a promise is something we just say
Like the grease that helps a machine to glide
But a broken promise means you have lied

“It's not a deliberate act, so no big deal”
Until the bitter truth makes its reveal
Then anger and disappointment come to the fore
And honour and integrity are out the door

A promise is your word, worth more than gold
But for some folk, it is cheaply sold
'You get what you pay for,' so the saying goes,
Broken promises are cheap and it really shows

When you keep your word, you keep your friends,
And so no need to make amends
A promise is a promise and I promise you this
When you keep your promises you are never remiss

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