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by Ray
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This is a poem In the perspective of someone who has lost someone due to suicide.

You can never say that I was never there for you
Cuz that’s a lie
U just didn’t want me there
It’s not like I wasn’t in your corner
Cuz I was
But when you said to walk to another corner
I did
No questions
Just an okay
You can’t say that I was never there for you
Cuz I was
U just didn’t want me to be there for you
Cuz you had my shoulder to cry on
You had my ears to listen to
You had my mouth to tell you the right words that you could’ve needed to help you through it
But U just didn’t take it
It’s not like I didn’t ask you “are you okay?”
Cuz I did
Cuz it’s not like being broken can see something that’s about to be broken
Cuz There’s only so much i can do
Wat was I supposed to do
Read your mind?
Force you to talk?
Go into your cerebral and see wat it is for myself
So don’t say I wasn’t there for you
Cuz trust me I was
I just don’t why you couldn’t tell me you needed help
Cuz I would’ve helped
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