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Rated: E · Poetry · Comedy · #2234497
What would possibly happen if money did grow on trees.
Money does grow on trees yes indeed.
I have a money tree in my back yard who's leaves rustle in the breeze.
I have a money tree in my back yard that no-one knows about but me.
It looks just like your regular ordinary tree it sure does.
No one would ever suspect it not what it seems not one bit.
The tree you see is a magic tree that grows money.
I just go up to it and pick some leaves and then walk away.
On my way to my house I think about what I want to buy and then bam!
Something great happens the leaves turn into just the right amount of money.
Oh. How I love my money it's so grand to have a money tree.
I must keep the tree a secret so this is just between you and me.
I must not let any one around me know about this tree so I need you to keep my secret shhhh.
This has to be just between you and me because if any one knew I could get no rest.
They would be plucking the leaves off day and night I know this without a shadow of a doubt.
I try to only use the tree just on occasion but it's hard to stay away from the tree.
I don't want to pluck the tree to death so I try to pluck wisely but it's hard.
I often think I hear the tree calling my name Natalie pluck my leaves it says to me.
I try to sneak out and sneak back to the tree without being seen.
I did good for a while but then my noise neighbor saw me.
She is real clever when it comes to minding other people business.
She watched me plucked the leaves one evening, she watched me walk away.
The sneak watched the leaves turn into money while I was standing on my porch.
From that day on I could get no rest she was always trying to sneak over my fence.
I put dogs by the fence and she feed them stake.
I put a bear trap by the tree but she didn't step therein.
She didn't even know how the tree worked nor did she care she wanted those leaves.
She wanted those leaves no matter what.
So I built a mote around that tree when she saw it she screamed I'll buy a boat.
I even tried to bargain with her and said I would give her a few leaves off the tree once a month.
I did this to no avail and with no luck because she wanted it all.
In the middle of the night when she finally fail asleep I had the tree moved.
I moved it to a friends home that had a greenhouse about 20 miles away.
My neighbor was angry to say the least but there was nothing she could do.
She followed me for weeks trying to find out what happen to the tree.
After I was sure she had stopped following me I went to the tree.
I was fine for about two or three months in that is until my friends so me pick the leaves.
He was tending the greenhouse, him I did not see watering the plants.
He saw me though and he saw the leaves change to money also.
I know he did because he dropped his watering can eyes opened big and wide.
When I saw him ,he said nothing but the expression on his face told me he knew.
He asked me with a sneaky smirk did I want to go inside and chat with his wife?
Oh ,no here we go again more drama with the money tree.
So what I did next was a bit much I just set the tree on fire.
My friend screamed to the top of his lungs NO!
He ran and grabbed one of his hoses and put the fire out.
The leaves on the tree were all burnt out however and it was too late.
He was so angry he said take your tree and go.
Just take your tree and never come back.
I did as asked and I found a place out in my woods behind my house to plant the tree.
From that day I've not seen it grow another leaf yet.
I visit the tree often to see if it has leaves but no nothing yet.
Then one bright sunny morning in April the tree had three small leaves on it yet again.
After about five or six long months it was before I saw those leaves again.
Could it be that my money tree was back?
Could it be that soon I could once again have money that truly grows on trees?
Well, we will have to just wait and see if that's true or not.
If so how could I protect the tree from others or even myself?
Well, I am not sure only time will tell if this can be done.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2234497-Money-does-grow-on-trees-well-my-tree-